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Year 1 Living Quarters
by Martin Willey

Living Quarters

Koenig's Quarters

Koenig's quarters are seen in Breakaway, Guardian Of Piri, Missing Link (the Zennite version, without wall panels but with the same general design), Collision Course and The Infernal Machine

Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway Breakaway

A good view of Koenig's quarters in Breakaway. The view is from where the door is positioned; normally the view is from where the windows are. The bed is just visible. This is a re-shot scene, probably around the time of Black Sun; the original living quarters scene in Breakaway included Gorski, and was cut. No photos of the scene or that set exist.

Below: the same view as a high-definition panorama.

Living quarters panorama

Left to right:

Wall Plan Wall
Missing Link Missing Link Missing Link Missing Link

Koenig's quarters in Missing Link give a good view of the layout and furniture of the room, without (most of) the wall panels. There are Pileo floor lamps in each corner. The table is a Stadio 120 with Gaudi chair and a white Pio Manzu desk tidy. There are two Throwaway sofas, and two Giano Vano Ruote telephone tables. There is an Elda 1005 chair, and two Ribbon Chairs, one by the door. A Demetrio 45 stacking table is just visible on the right in the wide picture. The paintings over the bed, of Mars and Saturn's rings, are by Ludek Pesek

Guardian Of Piri Guardian Of Piri

Guardian Of Piri. The contour bed rarely has sheets. We have a good look at the kitchen cabinet, also glimpsed briefly in Missing Link. The orange polypropylene pitcher is a 1957 Duett fruit pitcher and juicer made by the Swedish firm Gustavberg, designed by Carl-Arne Breger.

Guardian Of Piri

In the shot through the window, we see a Rodica Chair, the top of a Giano Vano Ruote telephone table, a Throwaway sofa and Mezzatessera table.

Collision Course Collision Course Collision Course Collision Course

Collision Course. We see a bit more of the small paintings. These are space art by Ludek Pesek, also seen in Bergman's quarters.

The Infernal Machine The Infernal Machine

The Infernal Machine. We see the outside of Koenig's door, with the label "Alpha Commander John Koenig". Koenig sits on a Ribbon Chair in front of a Mezzatessera table, between a Ditzel bar stool and a Pileo floor lamp. An upside-down Gabbianelli vase sits on the shelf top.

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