The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Command Office


The Testament Of Arkadia

There are two main sets of furnishings in the sunken area. The normal arrangement is a Mezzatessera round table with four Toga chairs plus Giano Vano Ruote telephone tables around it.

Guardian Of Piri

For command conferences there a large conference table with 8 Selene chairs around it. One or two of the Toga chairs and telephone tables may be left in the corners. Occasionally Koenig may sit in his Domani chair.

In both arrangements, there are two Throwaway sofas normally under the windows. In the corner is a Lucciola floor lamp.

On the platform before the two side doors, there are normally 2 Vicario chairs on either side, the Communications Post with a C designation, a stacked display case of rocks, and on the corner of the steps a cylindrical sculpture.

On the platform in front of the Big Doors is Koenig's desk with a Domani chair, and an Earth Globe. See those pages for more information.

End Of Eternity

The Command Office. Note the Communications Post and Selene chair

The Last Enemy

The Throwaway sofas usually live under the windows, but occasionally are moved around, as here.


There is a collection of rocks on the glass shelves between the side doors, and various containers in the wall shelves. The chair, often seen to the side of Command Office, is a Vicario design, wider than the standard Gaudi seats.

Breakaway The Last Enemy Force Of Life Force Of Life

The rocks are in (and on top of) 3 stacked glass cases of different sizes. The rocks look like quartzes; a couple are pink quartz, with at least one geode. We get a better view of the individual rocks when they appear in the corridor in Force of Life. The same rocks appear in Koenig's office in Breakaway.

At least some of the rocks are seen on the shelves of Dixon's office in Dragon's Domain.

Bergman's quarters also have shelving with rocks, although it is hard to see if they are the same rocks.

There is another rock display in Recreation in The Lambda Factor and The Seance Spectre.

Andrew Novinc VR Space:1999

This sculpture normally stands at the corner of the steps in Koenig's office.
Image by Andrew Novinc

Breakaway Black Sun The Infernal Machine Black Sun
The Seance Spectre

It reappears in the Recreation Centre in The Seance Spectre

The Testament Of Arkadia

Alongside Koenig's desk is a large Earth Globe.

Black Sun

A view of the Command Desk in front of the Main Mission doors. A Toga chair is in the foreground. When the Big Doors are open, the Command Desk may be moved forward, sometimes well into Main Mission (see early scenes in The Last Sunset)

Mezzatessera Table

Black Sun

The Command Office in the eerie light of the black sun. Furnishings include an Earth globe, two Throwaway sofas, the Toga chairs, Giano Vano Ruote telephone tables and a Mezzatessera round table.

Black Sun

The staff around a Mezzatessera round table. The object overhanging them from the right is a Lucciola floor lamp.

Guardian Of Piri

The Toga chairs. The corner sculpture has disappeared in this scene.

Space Brain The Last Enemy The Testament Of Arkadia

Conference Table

Andrew Novinc VR Space:1999

The alternative configuration of the room featured a large conference table. It must be broken into parts to be removed and replaced by the Mezzatessera table. The chairs are Selene.
Image by Andrew Novinc

The seating around the table varies by episode, but Helena prefers to sit with her back to the communications post.

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