The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Command Office

Earth globe

Andrew Novinc VR Space:1999

The Earth globe stands in the corner of the office, by the windows.
Image by Andrew Novinc

Another Time, Another Place Force Of Life The Troubled Spirit The Testament Of Arkadia
Another Time, Another Place

View up to the globe, desk and doors.

Matter Of Life And Death

The globe is probably a real Earth globe that has been over-painted to make it more abstract.

Another Time, Another Place

The globe shows some interesting coastlines: Sweden is submerged in an enlarged Baltic Sea, but Finland and the Gulf of Finland is correct. In Africa, Cameroon is drowned by a large delta from the Bight of Biafra to Lake Chad. Small islands such as the Balearics, Crete, Cyprus and Socotra (off the horn of Africa in the Arabian Sea) are present and correct.

Another Time, Another Place

The Americas and Caribbean islands seem accurate. The Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake in the North West Territories of Canada are visible. There are two lakes in the south west US, one of which must be the Great Salt Lake in Utah and the other may be Utah Lake (a little larger and more distant from the Great Salt Lake than in reality). Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, South America, is also clearly shown. Oddly the largest American lakes, the Great Lakes on the Canada United States border, are missing.

Ring Around The Moon

India, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Japan all seem fairly accurate.

Ring Around The Moon

North Vietnam is missing, as well as the southern peninsula of Thailand that connects to Malaysia. The southern hemisphere, including Australia, South America and South Africa, is permanently hidden by the globe's mounting.

Matter Of Life And Death

Matter Of Life And Death. The southern hemisphere, including most of Australia, south central South America and southern Africa, is permanently hidden by the globe's mounting. In this view Antarctica can just be discerned, painted in white. Thanks Craig Rohloff

Another Time, Another Place

Knocked onto its side, the globe reveals that the north polar icecap is painted on in white. Thanks Craig Rohloff


This publicity shot also shows the icecap. You can see the Finland and Norway around a large Baltic Sea that has drowned Sweden. The thin archipelago of Novaya Zemlya can be seen, and Svalbard, the Norwegian island shown here at the edge of the ice cap.

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.