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by Martin Willey

Ditzel bar stool

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) was a Danish furniture designer. This 1960s fibreglass bar stool was sold through the Danish furniture sales company Domis Danica, and is in the collection of the Pompidou Centre in Paris. It is 20cm in diameter, and 75cm tall. On Alpha they are occasionally seen in living quarters (normally as a stand, with an ornament on). The musician at the start of The Troubled Spirit sits on one, as does Bergman in the technical section flashback in Dragon's Domain.. One can be seen on Ultima Thule in Death's Other Dominion.

In The Infernal Machine, two columns are made by stacking three red stools on top of each other, with a red Pastil chair (designed by Eero Aarnio) placed on top. Oddly we see one in Koenig's quarters at the start of the episode. Another beige or grey stool appears in Mission Of The Darians (along with several black Pastil chairs).

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The Last Sunset

You can see the stool by the wall of Technical Section 6b in this cut scene from The Last Sunset

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