The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Technical Section 6b

The Last Sunset

Technical Section 6b is seen in The Last Sunset. There is a bank of computers in an alcove (with two desks), two windows to the lunar surface, and an unusual swing door. The layout is very similar to Flight Control as seen in Breakaway.

Illustrated in Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual by Chris Thompson (2021); page 53

The Last Sunset

Just visible on the left is a trolley monitor normally seen in Medical.

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset

Behind the scenes shots of the computer wall. The edge of the set is right, but in the window view (see below) there are at least two blank wall panels.

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset

Unusually the lab door is a swing door. The same design door is used in the Medical Security Area in Force Of Life. The sign reads "Technical Section - No Unauthorised Access" (the spelling is the English "-ised", not the American "-ized"). The designation "6b" is on the door.

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset

A view in through the window- which opens! We saw earlier the window being blown out by the air pressure, so it had to be repaired. The script describes technicians fitting the new window, but we don't see this in the episode.

The Last Sunset

Here's a view towards the windows, showing the mobile scanner.

The Last Sunset

A similar view, later in the episode.

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset

These wider views are publicity shots and cut scenes; we never see this much of the room in the episode. Note the Tizio lamp on the side of Victor's bench, and the drawing table. On the left is a communications post and you can just see part of the door; the frame looks like a normal sliding door, with control panel on the side, but details are unclear. The Boby storage cart is seen by the wall, with a Ditzel bar stool, and on the wall, the perpetual calender.

Wall Plan Wall

Bottom left corner is conjectural.

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