The CatacombsThe Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Technical Areas

Numerous technical areas were seen, from laboratories and computer rooms to hydroponics gardens and storerooms.

Engineering The Lambda Factor (revamp power room)
Experimental Voyager's Return
Observation Room Seed Of Destruction (revamp power room)
Research Unit Journey To Where (revamp power room)
Research Room The Lambda Factor
TechLab Dorzak (revamp power room)
TechLab 3 The Mark Of Archanon (revamp power room)
TechLab 5 The Beta Cloud (includes vacuum chamber)
Technical Section The Last Sunset
Technical Section Space Brain
Technical Section 6b Dragon's Domain
Underground Research Station The Exiles
Other Technical Areas:
Catacombs Catacombs Of The Moon, The Mark Of Archanon (caves also seen in Underground Research Station)
Computer Room Black Sun, Space Brain (slightly different design)
Computer Services Area The Seance Spectre (revamp power room)
Main Electrical Unit The Beta Cloud
Survey Equipment Room The Taybor
Explosives Storeroom Catacombs Of The Moon (revamp power room)
Equipment Room A Matter Of Balance (revamp travel tube reception)
Hydroponics A Matter Of Balance (revamp power room)
Hydroponics Section The Beta Cloud
Hydroponic Unit 2 The Troubled Spirit (Hydroponics Unit also mentioned in Dragon's Domain)
Protein Store The Testament Of Arkadia
Recycling Plants 1 & 2 The Seance Spectre*, Force Of Life*
* Not seen
Records Lab The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 (revamp power room)
Reference Library The Testament Of Arkadia
Underground Shelters Referred to in The Last Enemy, War Games, The Dorcons. Both War Games & The Last Enemy show Alphans running down the Main Mission balcony stairs to represent evacuation to the deep shelters.

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