The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Technical Section 1996

In Dragon's Domain we see a flashback to a Technical Section room in 1996. The room has a side office with large observation windows, similar to Queller's Experimental. It is 24 ft / 7.3m wide. It is at least 16 ft / 4.9m long, but we don't know the full length as the set is only built with 3 walls. There are a couple of reverse shots that show part of the last wall, which were shot as "cheats" by shooting the character against the existing walls (see plan)

Dragon's Domain

The centre of the room has the standard technical desks, and a Stadio table. Two tall microscopes seen here will appear frequently in the second series; the grey one was previously seen, in white, in Victor's quarters.

Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain
Dragon's Domain

In the office, we can see a white board with a diagram. It's the plan for Operation Shockwave from Collision Course. We can also see the Eikow STH reflector telescope from Victor's quarters and Another Time, Another Place.

Dragon's Domain

The photos on the wall are David Scott leaving the Apollo 9 Command Module for an EVA (6th March 1969) and the Apollo 9 Lunar Module "Spider" in lunar landing configuration (7th March 1969). These can also be seen in Baxter's room in End Of Eternity.

Dragon's Domain

Also behind Koenig is Helena's case from Matter of Life And Death. Behind that is a panel that was seen in the Ultra Probe set (under the small tape drives).

Dragon's Domain

The lamp behind Bergman is used on Arkadia in Testament of Arkadia

Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain

The reverse shot of Bergman shows him leaning against the communications post, with the corner of the fourth wall beyond. It's a cheat- this is the corner between the computer wall (wall "C") and the observation window (wall "B"), and the bottles and oscilloscopes on the shelves are exactly the same. The communications post is hiding the observation window. Thanks to Craig Rohloff.

Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain

Another reverse shot. Koenig is leaning on the desk talking to Bergman. The computer wall (wall "C") is behind Bergman. The reverse shot of Koenig shows more computers, which must on the wall with the double doors (wall "A"). The computer panels are actually the same ones that are behind Bergman, because for the reverse shot of Koenig, the camera stayed in the same position and the actors swapped sides of the desk.

Wall plans by Craig Rohloff

Wall C
Wall B
Wall A
Wall D

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