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Collision Course

Voyager's Return Year 1 - Episode 13 Death's Other Dominion

Screenplay by Anthony Terpiloff
Directed by Ray Austin
Special Guest Star Margaret Leighton
Denmark Fare for kollision Danger of Collision 6 Nov 1976
France/Canada Collision inévitable Unavoidable Collision 25 Sep 1976
Germany Auf gefährlichem Kurs On Dangerous Course 18 Sep 1977
Italy Rotta di collisione Collision Course 14 Nov 1976
Japan Moon is about to Collide with a Big Planet!? 29 May 1977
Portugal Percurso para a Colisão The Path For The Collision 15 Jan 1977
South AfricaBotsingkoers Crash Course30 Dec 1977
Spain Ruta de colisión Collision17 Feb 1977
USA (Los Angeles) 27 Sep 1975
USA (New York) 11 Oct 1975
USA (San Francisco) 27 Sep 1975
UK (ATV) 18 Sep 1975
UK (LWT) 20 Sep 1975

Who is Arra? She is old - older than Earth itself - with a beauty that only age can bring. Commander Koenig's encounter with her is also an encounter with destiny. It all happens when the Moon is on a collision course with a planet many times its size... ITC summary


Collision Course


Int. Main Mission
Int. Corridor outside Main Mission
Int. Command Office
Int. Medical
Int. Koenig's Quarters
Int. Launch Pad Airlock
Int. Alpha Corridor
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section (8 seats)

Int. Alien Spaceship Antechamber & Chamber


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Collision Course


Library tracks:


Collision Course



Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:


Collision Course

Eagle 1 (Alan); 4 (Rescue); 10 (bomb, no pod); 11,12,29 (named)


Atheria. Note ITC publicity often named it Aestheria. This is wrong.


Collision Course

Queen Arra. Humanoid.


Collision Course


Collision Course

The fires in Main Mission are actually beyond the edge of the desks.


Collision Course This Episode

"This Episode" contains several scenes not in the episode. Among the unused footage is a shot of Sandra knocking over her coffee mug.

Collision Course



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