The Catacombs Collision Course
SFX footage

SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.

Asteroid flies to Moon. 20 seconds, with asteroid static for last couple of seconds.

Arra's ship comes from (slowly revolving) planet and passes out of frame. 39 seconds. Not seen in episode (we see the ship head-on).

s/isfx334553x31.jpg (5415 bytes) s/isfx334553x32.jpg (6774 bytes) Collision Course

Eagle flies to planet. In the episode the planet is bottom left; the multiple takes (each 10 seconds) show it top left. Clapperboard shows slate 23 x 1 and 23 x 2, date 23/9(?)/74. The script was dated August, with live action filming 22 August to 5th September; SFX filming was always a few weeks behind.

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Eagle heads to top right of frame, while the Arra's ship recedes. Eagle disappears out of frame at 13 seconds; Arra's ship disappears at 24 seconds; clip lasts 30 seconds. Seen in episode.

Collision Course

Bombs close to planet (revolving to camera, as bombs slowly recede). 15 seconds. Only seen in the This Episode sequence.

v/isfx333911x47.jpg (7087 bytes) v/isfx333911x48.jpg (7026 bytes) v/isfx333911x49.jpg (7206 bytes) Collision Course

Planet, static. In the last few frames, a small Moon appears from right. 24 seconds. In the episode we see more with Moon.

Collision Course

Planet moves in from left; Moon enters frame from right and they move closer until stopping just before touching. 25 seconds. Different to the scene in the episode: the planet is at a different angle and the Moon does "touch" and slightly overlap.
Seen in the music video for Calling International Rescue by Fuzzbox (1989)

Collision Course

Planet horizon, static. 20 seconds. Similar to a shot in Act 2 (after Kano confirms a collision course), although that scene is a continuation of the POV shots in Act 1 with the planet slowly moving left to right.

p/isfx334932x72.jpg (6674 bytes) Collision Course

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