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Eagle Models: Product Enterprise Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey

Special Edition Episode - Earthbound (Sixteen 12)

First announced in October 2018 as a "ultra deluxe special edition". It comes with a detachable boarding tube and an in-scale Kaldorian ship from Earthbound. The boarding tube was originally scheduled to be in the Deluxe Hangar. It was released 10 August 2020.


The card box is 38cm x 40cm x 13cm, the same size as the Deluxe Eagle Hangar box, and larger than the other boxes in the set. There is a front flap held with Velcro buttons. On the inside of the flap are more photos.

The back of the box contains 7 episode photos (3 of the Eagle).


The set consists of an Eagle with rescue pod, Kaldorian ship, docking tube, and the standard small moonbuggy and landing platform.

The Kaldorian main body is about 15.5cm in diameter, about 8cm height; the full model is 16cm tall, 19cm diameter including feet. The main body is hollow and lightweight. The three legs are and the top are separate; the metal legs slot into the main body, apparently with magnets, and the top has a simple friction slot.

The paint patterns and overall shape are very accurate to the larger studio model, although there are some small issues. Among the nit-picking issues: the size of the lines of dots on the top are too big; the orange dots on top of the feet are too big; the triangles over the legs should have a small dot above them, and the leg top strut should have four dots around the mounting. The white markings are not luminescent like the original model.

The docking tube is 5cm long, 2cm square end with 2.5cm diameter round end. It contains a magnet at both ends, to attach to both the Eagle passenger module and Kaldorian ship. In the episode, the Eagle passenger module stands on extended legs, so it can dock with the alien ship. This version does not have extended legs, so it can only dock if the Eagle's height is raised, for instance on the landing platform.

The Rescue Eagle and boarding tube was originally planned for the Deluxe hangar set. The passenger module does not have extended legs, so the height does not match the Kaldorian ship.

Comparison with 2004 Rescue Eagle

Product Enterprise previously released the Rescue Eagle in 2004. The major flaw of the 2004 Rescue Eagle was the thin red stripes. This has been fixed in this new version. It also has the other upgrades since then (aluminium engine bells, lighter cage interiors).

Comparison with Round 2 22inch and Konami Rescue Eagles

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