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Compiled by Martin Willey

Special Edition Episode 8- Collision Course (Sixteen 12)

First hinted in July 2018, the model was released in February 2020, at the same time as the Retro Freighter.


The card box is the same design as the previous sets.

The back of the box contains 7 episode photos (only two of the Eagle, plus two more close-ups of the mines). The second paragraph has an unfortunate grammar mistake ("Several Eagles are dispatch, their mission,...").


There is no transporter module. The winch hangs off a small clip that attaches to the Eagle spin, with a red drum. This part doesn't really match the square frame seen in Collision Course, although the details are difficult to make out on screen. The plastic winch itself is a striking pale blue, making it look very toylike. The original prop winch (in close up in the episode, and seen here) has a much more subtle grey-blue colour. The detailing is approximate.


The first pictures in October 2018 showed the space mines with fatter profiles. The released versions are improved. The detailing is based on the smaller (10cm diameter) prop, which is the one seen mostly in the episode. The larger 20cm prop has black squares on the top, which are absent from the smaller version.

Mines versus Original Prop

The spikes around the sides (modelled after the "Hertz horns" of sea mines) are longer in the Sixteen 12 version. The detailing is approximate. See original prop photos.

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