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Eagle Models: Product Enterprise Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey

Special Edition Episode 1- Breakaway (Sixteen 12)

Released 5 October 2018, limited edition of 1000, £124.99

This is the first in the Special Edition Episode Collection from Sixteen 12, first announced on 27 July 2017. The Eagle is an updated version of the 30cm long die-cast Product Enterprise Eagle, first released in 2004, with the pod based on the winch Eagle version released in February 2005.


The card box is 48 x 28 x 10 cm. Unlike the previous boxes, there is no top flap.

With model removed

The box text:

There is a silver sticker "Limited edition 0001 of 1000 only worldwide" (each number is unique).


The back of the box contains 7 episode photos (only two of Eagles, and only one is the featured Eagle; the other is the winch pod version released in 2005). The text is a short description of the episode Breakaway. "This stunning model captures the essence and excitement of the very first story from the Classic British Television Show Space: 1999. Dedicated to the inspiration and memory of Gerry Anderson."

Plastic casing Card backing

The background art is a plan of Moonbase Alpha over blue and pink "space" art. The same art is on a card insert (folds out to 58 x 48 cm).

The model and base is encased in three layers of transparent plastic.


The main differences to the 2004/2005 Eagles are aluminium engine bells with the baffles deeper inside the bells, the cage interior detailing is a lighter grey, and the copyright on the underside of the pod (originally "Granada Ventures" and "Product Enterprise", now "ITC Entertainment Group").

The pod (10.5 x 5.8 cm) is based on a 44 inch version of the pallet pod. This pod was never featured in the series (except as a winch pod). The 22 inch versions were most clearly seen in the series, specifically in the "Eagle 14" shots at the start of Breakaway. The are some obvious differences to the 22 inch version. There is lettering on the ends of the frame buttress (CK5 and CK6 on the Keith Feucht original model; CK6 and CK7 on the Sixteen 12 version). The 44 inch model had darker striped areas on the sides and rectangular darker sections on the ribbed deck; Sixteen 12 had extended dark stripes across the entire deck.

See comparison with 2005 winch pod. See comparison with original 22 inch pod

The instructions, alongside the instructions for the 2005 winch pod. The 2005 English errors are corrected.

Nuclear waste canisters

There are six canisters, each 19mm in diameter and 19mm tall. See comparison with original 22 inch model


The buggy is 25 x 15 x 20mm including the (non-detachable) astronaut. It is a good representation of the buggy, with Year 2 markings. It is the same model issued in the 2006 Gift Set

Silo cover

The cover is 8.8cm in diameter, 3cm tall. The actual effects models varied by scale, but this seems based on the live action studio version.

Loading platform

The launch pad is a plastic base, 34 x 16 x 1.7 cm. It is based on the launch pad seen in the waste disposal area in Breakaway. The original Product Enterprise Eagles had printed card to represent a red launch pad.

Comparison with 2005 winch Eagle

The 2005 winch pod had dark grey cage interiors. The 2005 Alpha Moonbase decal was a darker, more detailed insignia; the 2018 decal is a lighter blue insignia. The 2005 engine bells were dark grey; the 2018 engine bells are aluminium. The baffles inside the engine bells are deeper in the 2108 edition.

Comparison with original 22 inch pod

The striped deck of the Sixteen 12 version is striking.

Comparison with original 22 inch waste canister

The original prop had no base.

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