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This is the 44" Eagle cargo pallet seen in Breakaway. See also the 22 inch Eagle cargo pallet. Pictures thanks to Keith Feucht.

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The cargo pallet is a restored original model. The 44 inch Eagle is a replica, built by Chris Trice and Keith Feucht (more details on Keith's website). Comments below are by Keith.

Cargo Pallet

The cargo pallet weighs 5 1/2 pounds (2.5 kg). The framework on the ends and bottom is soldered brass. It also features an eight part perspex base combined with wood strips along the bottom sides, a ribbed aluminium deck, turned aluminium bells, brass/ aluminium/ perspex feet, as well as two contoured wooden blocks that I suppose represent the upper deck mechanical/ frame support areas.

Cargo Pallet
Cargo Pallet

During the restoration the frame was securely attached to the body via studs/ fasteners, replacing the globs of orange glue. Careful attention was used to correct the noticeable frame/ body gaps.

Cargo Pallet

Interestingly, no less than 6 holes perforate all the way through the base. One can only speculate that these holes once served to attach parts or for special effects functions at one time.

Cargo Pallet

The freighter pod is over 3cm taller than the standard passenger pod. Because of this, the main body hangs well below the cages compared to it's sister pod. Additionally because of the extra height, the four feet actually touch the surface with the pod attached to an Eagle.

Cargo Pallet

The 44" Eagle, with the Iconic Replicas 23" and Product Enterprise 12" Eagle, recreating a shot from Breakaway.

Airfix parts

The Airfix Saturn V and Revell Gemini parts used on the 22" cargo pod, which were scaled up to build a 44" cargo pod.

Pictures with the Iconic Replicas 23" Eagles.

Cargo Pallet Cargo Pallet Cargo Pallet

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