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Revell Gemini

Revell 1:24 Gemini

The Revell 1:24 scale Gemini kit first came out in 1966, and is based on an early prototype of the NASA spacecraft, hence a number of inaccuracies. Revell also produced a 1/48 scale Gemini/Mercury kit. When some models were made in two scales, the two scales of Gemini kit could be used (for instance, the Jarak ships from Alpha Child)


The 44 inch Eagles use the Gemini astronauts within the command module.

The Gemini astronauts are also seen riding in the moonbuggy.

Eagle 1 in 2006

The front leg pods of Eagle 1 have two Gemini retro rockets on the top and front sloping faces (the rocket nozzles aren't in place). The two rear leg pods only have one of these cones each.

In the Gemini kit, this is the retro-rocket and support beam. The part used on the Eagle 1 leg pod, and many other models, is part 25, the front half of the retro-rocket, without the nozzle.

The 44 inch Eagle passenger module has three Gemini parts above the door.

The parts come from the Gemini retro-module. The centre white piece is part 28, small stabilising rocket (there are 2 in the kit). The two large ribbed blocks either side, painted dark grey, are part 29, attachment plates (there are 3 in the kit). Part 30, the large stabilising rockets, also appear on various models.

Eagle (90k)

The second 44 inch Eagle model has these square ribbed blocks on the leg pods (in later episodes, highlighted in black). This is the part 29 attachment plates from the retrograde section of the Gemini ship.

Missing Link

The winch pod first seen in Breakaway. The 22 inch model makes use of several Gemini parts including the retrorocket attachment harness, Gemini Radar Evaluation Pod (REP) experiment, two Gemini environmental control system coolant pumps, and the 3 Gemini attachment plates. For the 44 inch Eagle, the Gemini parts were scaled up from scratch.

Parts 31,32 and 33 assemble into the Gemini cooling unit. These parts appear on the winch pod, moonbase Alpha and the laser tanks.

Moonbase Alpha building 10

Moonbase Alpha is covered in Revell Gemini parts. On this building alone, the sunken section is the adaptor ring (part 27, seen above), in the centre are three retro rockets (part 25). On the left are three battery housings (part 41), parts of the cooling unit (parts 33 and 31) and two more attachment plates (part 29) alongside a small stabilising rocket (part 28). Other buildings have these and other parts, including the distinctive grilled hull.

The Gemini battery housing, parts 41 and 42. Both sides are used on different models.

Mission Of The Darians

The Daria in Mission Of The Darians docking port is lined with small stabilising rockets (part 28), and top left has a stack of battery housings (parts 41 above parts 42) alongside more attachment plates (part 29).

Laser tank

The laser tanks have more Gemini parts. Another Gemini astronaut is driving. The battery housing is behind the cockpit. The thruster module and cooling system are alongside it.

The Gemini equipment module, with battery housings and cooling unit seen earlier, also has a lots of different spheres of different sizes: small and large reactant cells, oxygen storage cell, fuel and oxidiser cells. Each half become useful domes on models.

Force of Life

The Main Mission tower features several domes from the Gemini, plus the cooling unit (part 31, at the bottom of this picture), two small stabilising rockets (part 28) and a retro rocket (part 25). Thanks to Craig Rohloff

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