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The second Eagle model ("Eagle 2"). Profile views, episode pictures.

Notice the rectangular Revell Gemini kit part on the side of the leg pods. The broken eaves of the passenger pod were damaged during Year 2 (they are seen like this in The Seance Spectre). Numbers on the side of the pod are a late Year 2 decoration (only clearly seen in Immunity Syndrome).

This Eagle was the basis of the Airfix Eagle kit and Geoffrey Mandel's Starlog blueprints.

Eagle 2
Eagle Eagle (133k)

General side views of Eagle 2.

Plate shapes

Basic plate shapes of the second 44" Eagle. Picture by Keith Feucht.


Another side view.


The other side, in greater detail.


Eagle 2 docked.


A front view, showing the 1:24 scale Revell Gemini astronauts inside. The command module is a fibreglass moulding of Eagle One's perspex command module. The "sensor dishes" around the command module are moulded from the aluminium parts in Eagle 1 and painted silver.

Eagle 2 command module

The Eagles are decorated with Letraset, including these architect's symbols for a bath, urinals and shower cubicles.

Eagle The command module removed.
Eagle (68k)
Eagle A rear view of Eagle 2, minus one rocket bell. The ring of pipes around the engines first appeared in The Bringers of Wonder, matching the engine section of Eagle 1. The pipes were added when the model was repaired after the crash scene in Space Warp.
Eagle Eagle (179k) Views of the underside of Eagle 2. On the triangular corners on the bottom of the leg pods are small hole, which are not present in the other models. They are small light bulb fittings, apparently landing gear lights. There is an electrical wire leading through the mounting which slots into the main body of the Eagle. These may not have worked well on film, as they were never used in the series.

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