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Alpha: 2014 - The UK Chrysalis

Alpha: 2014 - The UK Chrysalis
Peterborough, UK
12-14 September 2014

The model room was organised by the modellers of All Sections Alpha, with a wide range of original models and costumes, as well as high quality replicas.

Eagle 1 and 2

The first two 44 inch Eagle models are reunited, alongside the original Moonbase Alpha model. More photos.

Eagle 1 and 2 Eagle 1 Eagle 2 Moonbase Alpha

Original Models

There were numerous original special effects models and props including one of the laser tanks (alongside some studio-scale replicas), Last Sunset capsules and Exiles coffins, original Moonbase buildings, Collision Course mine, the Travel Tube door, an original stun gun.

Laser tank Journey To Where domes Travel Tube and moonbase buildings Collision Course mine and stun gun

Replica models

Replicas from Chris Potter (Eagles and Hawks), Mark Shaw (moonbase model and Eagle), and other models by Bill Oram, Jim Small, Hilton Fitzsimmons.

Mark Shaw diorama Chris Potter Eagles and Hawks Bill Oram moonbuggy and figure Various Models


The four known remaining spacesuits were on display together for the first time since 1976. Nick Tate with his original spacesuit. Pictures thanks to Darrell Simmonds. More photos.

Picture thanks to Darrell Simmonds Picture thanks to Darrell Simmonds Beta Cloud monster visits the astronauts


Picture thanks to Darrell Simmonds

Original costumes included first and second season uniforms, and guest costumes.

Costumes for Barbara Bain, Nick Tate and Martin Landau's Year 1 uniform Maurna/ Mark Of Archanon and Varda/Dorcons costumes Martin Landau's year 2 uniform with Metamorph vest