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Stun Gun

Breakaway Another Time, Another Place Dragon's Domain

The stun gun props (see Continuity Guide) vary in detail. A kill-stun slider added to some props in The Full Circle. In addition to these "hero" props, many vacuum-formed molds were created. These were molded over a hero prop, making a slightly larger prop with more rounded edges and buttons. The black finger grip is flat and featureless, and the central seam is more prominent than the hero version.

Alpha Child The Metamorph

Keith Wilson's original design drawing from 1973. The original concept by George Bellak and Christopher Penfold was for a multi-purpose hand weapon with four antennae: tranquilliser, stun, laser, atomic, hence the initials "TSLA".

This is an original vacuum formed prop.

The original vacuum-formed prop compared to a modern replica of a hero prop.

Thanks to James Winch.