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In the case of an alien intruder or captive who offers violence, the need to preserve him alive is even greater, since he may provide invaluable information about the nature of a hitherto incomprehensible enemy.

So the weapon that Alpha personnel carry with them is small, but multi-purpose - a TSLA. The initials describe the emissions from each of the four antennae; tranquilliser, stun, laser, atomic. There are selections on the grip for purpose and intensity. The first choice is a tranquilliser which will give an opportunity to prevent actual violence but still enable the user to talk to his victim; secondly, a neuronic stun will stop a man instantly and make him unconscious so that he will need medical attention to revive him; thirdly, a laser which will pierce known metals and matter and stop some alien spacecraft without actually destroying them; and lastly, the chain ray which engenders an atomic reaction in any matter that it strikes and so causes a totally destructive explosion.

The TSLA term was replaced with stun gun. The range of capabilities remained in series publicity, but we only see two, stun and kill beams.

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