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Main Mission (colour code to be decided)

The Main Mission, basically, is the scientific investigation of space and defence of Earth. The Central Control office of Main Mission is the place from which probes are launched, rockets sent off and communication with Earth maintained. All this is done with the aid of computers, visual equipment, audio equipment and sophisticated telemetry. The commander of this section is also the commander or the entire Moon Base.

Medical and Psychological M&E (colour code to be decided)

(Maintenance and Experimentation) This section is charged with maintenance of the physical and mental health of base personnel. The work also involves mental and psychological experimentation upon all factors affecting people in space. On occasion, the head of this section will be called upon to make decisions involving choices of base personnel for specific missions

Technical and Engineering (colour code to be decided)

This section is composed of the lower echelon computer people, rocket people, air people, all the engineers who keep the complex machines working

Reconnaissance section (colour code to be decided)

This section consists of space people who make the deep probes into space They are spearheads and the chartists for many operations.,

Security (colour code to be decided)

This is a composite small force of people trained as security guards for Moon Base installations. They also, being trained as space arms specialists, form a highly effective mobile force of space soldiers who, when actual warfare is imminent, are in the forefront. They will wear over their uniforms a distinguishing band over the shoulder and across the chest.

Service Unit (colour code grey)

These are the people who have the basic working responsibility for the environment of the buildings, the food services, etc.

Oddly, the only section to have a colour is service, which is grey (it will be yellow). Note that Main Mission is an organisational section, and the room is called Central Control.

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