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Layout / Moon Base Alpha

Moon Base Alpha, the centre of our series, is a complex of interconnected command centres, laboratories and living areas; each building self-contained as to gravity and atmosphere production and each building linked to the other by a series of "travel tubes" which allow movement from one to another, above ground and within view of the desolate Moonscape.

Organisation / Moon Base Alpha

Moon Base Alpha is designed to be spectacularly self-sufficient. All of its wastes are recycled, its food and water chains are perhaps 80 percent chemically produced. The rest is supplied by regular space shuttle which goes to and from Earth, bringing replacements, visitors and personnel. Alpha is organisationally in constant communication with Earth control, is basically under its control, though the operations' chief is the Moon Base commander advised by a council composed of Section Chiefs

Personnel / Moon Base Alpha

The personnel of Moon Base Alpha consists of approximately 300 men and women, specialists in their field, who have signed on for an 18 month tour of duty. These people work in one of six sections. Each section has its own building commander who takes part in the major decisions affecting the base. Members of each section are visually distinguishable by the colour of the left-hand sleeve of their uniform. This colour coding will be extended to the work location of the sections and to the living quarters of the personnel who comprise them. The commander will wear a sleeve colour that is unique on Moon Base Alpha.

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