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Ariel capsules

The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset The Last Sunset

The probes from The Last Sunset. The initial one that attaches to Alan's Eagle is a unique design; the others are identical. Notice how the foreground probes are larger models, with smaller background probes in an example of forced perspective giving the illusion of depth.

The models are made of transparent perspex rod. Including the antenna it is a little under 9cm in length. There were suspended in one of two ways: either hung from a top thread, or the wires passed through two holes in the neck to the base forming a "Y" (probably giving a more stable, smooth movement). Pictures thanks to Simon Rhodes.

Below: the larger and smaller Ariel probes together, alongside an original Moonbase building.

The painting scheme is similar, but of course not quite identical.

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The Eagle laser turret again, with capsules from The Last Sunset: the original capsule, and two sizes of drone capsule. Also shown is a Moonbase forcefield tower (from Black Sun and other episodes- one of the larger sizes of this model), and a radar dish from Force Of Life.

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The same models, this time by the feet of the Kaldorian ship from Earthbound.

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