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Collision Course Mines

Collision Course

The space mines in Collision Course were built in two scales. Two larger mines was made from plastic picnic plates (from the same set used to make the body of Voyager One). Strangely the smaller mines (10cm in diameter) are shown in close-ups. Even in space, the mine has three hooked feet, and six peripheral spikes, like naval contact mines.

Collision Course Collision Course Collision Course

Studio photo of the two scales. The detailing is similar, even down to panel patterns, but the larger one has wider sloped sides, with black panels that aren't present on the smaller version.

Model shop

Two large space mines in the model shop storeroom (the Eagle grab is on the shelf below).

Small mine

Small mine (96k) Small mine (79k) Small mine (67k) Small mine (49k) Small mine (98k)

Large mine

The larger model (pictures thanks to Alex)

Thanks to Alex V Thanks to Alex V

Photos from the Alpha:2014 convention

Eagle grab

Photos from the Alpha:2014 convention

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