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Model makers may use parts from commercial plastic construction kits to decorate their science fiction models. Sometimes called "kitbashing", the technique allows models to be created quickly and cheaply. It was used extensively in Gerry Anderson's puppet series including Thunderbirds, but had been used by Les Bowie even earlier. Even big-budget films routinely use parts from kits to detail models- 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars and Alien have hundreds of kit parts over their "hero" spaceship models.

A number of common kits were used on the Space: 1999 models. Three of the most used kits are discussed in detail: Airfix 1:144 Apollo Saturn V, Airfix 1:72 Lunar Module and Revell 1:24 Gemini.

Airfix 1:144 Saturn V

Airfix 1:144 Apollo Saturn V (1970+)
Not only used for small part details, but major structural elements of some models, and even on display on the Alpha sets.

Airfix 1:72 Apollo Lunar Module

Airfix 1:72 Lunar Module (1970+)

Revell 1:24 Gemini

Revell 1:24 Gemini (1966+)
Used extensively on Moonbase Alpha and the Eagles. Revell also produced a 1/48 scale Gemini/Mercury kit.

Airfix 1:144 Saturn 1B

Airfix 1:144 Saturn 1B (1970+)
Used on the Hawk and various Dragon's Domain derelicts.

Airfix 1:24 Harrier

Airfix 1:24 Hawker Harrier (1974)
In addition to kit parts (on the Hawk and elsewhere), the decals are used on many models including Dione's escape ship and the dragon ship.

Airfix 1:72 B29 Superfortress

Airfix 1:72 B29 Superfortress (1966)
Bombs are used on many models, including the Eagle. Undercarriage was used as the legs of Dione's escape ship

Airfix Tiger 1 tank

Airfix 1:72 (1:76) Tiger 1 tank (1964)
Top grills are used for detailing in the Eagle cages.

Airfix 1:72 SR.N1 hovercraft (H.D.L. hovercraft) (1960)
A classic model of the world's first practical hovercraft, used extensively in Thunderbirds, also appears on the Eagle and other models..

Airfix 1:144 SRN4 hovercraft

Airfix 1:144 SRN4 hovercraft
The seats and other parts are used on the Hawk and Dione's escape ship.

Airfix 1:600 Bismark

Airfix 1:600 Bismark (1962)

Airfix Eagle

Airfix Eagle Transporter (1975)
Leg pods were used for Devil's Planet alien buildings and Bringers of Wonder pilot ship.

Aurora 1:55 2001 Moonbus

Aurora 1:55 2001 The Moon Bus (1969)
The hull of the moonbus is across the back of the battlecruiser from Alpha Child.

AMT 1:650 Star Trek Enterprise (1966)
The saucer section is the big radar dish for the battlecruiser from Alpha Child. It is also the Eagle landing pad on the Space Dock in Dragon's Domain.

Revell Apollo Spacecraft Revell Columbia and Eagle

Revell 1:96 Apollo Spacecraft (1967) and Columbia and Eagle (1970). Used on Moonbase Alpha.

Revell Vostok

Revell 1:24 Vostok (1969)
The ring of green life support tanks is seen on the Voyager from Voyager's Return, as well as the dragon ship from Dragon's Domain

Revell Polaris

Revell 1:260 Polaris Nuclear Submarine (1961)
This cut-away model of a George Washington-class submarine had interesting tube and box shapes, as well a decals that were extensively used.

Tamiya 1:25 Chieftain

Tamiya 1:25 Chieftain, motorised version, used as the chassis of the Infernal Machine tanks.

Tamiya 1:35

Tamiya Kit 1:35 Schwerer Panzerspähwagen 8-Rad, used on the 5 foot Ultra Probe. Thanks to Paul Stankevitch.

Below: a number of Tamiya tank kits contributed parts to Space: 1999 models.

Tamiya 1:35 Leopard Tamiya 1:35 Panther Tamiya 1:35 Sheridan Tamiya 1:35 Centurion Tamiya 1:35 Jagd Panther

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