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Dragon Ship

The dragon ship from Dragon's Domain. We know little about the alien race who built this spaceship, only their fate: eaten by an alien dragon. They had an oxygen atmosphere similar to Earth. The ship also appeared in another spaceship graveyard- in the volcanic crater on Psychon in The Metamorph (the same model, this time with the 44" Eagles).

Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain
Dragon ship

The dragon ship. Like most of Johnson's and Bower's designs, the dragon ship was clearly influenced by contemporary NASA plans. The main ship strongly resembles some of the 1960s designs for the "Empire" proposals for a nuclear powered manned missions to Mars and Venus, and conical manned Mars landing craft investigated by NASA and Boeing in 1968-69 (the inspiration of Taybor's ship).

Image: Ford Aeronautic/ NASA

The "Empire" designs, by Ford Aeronautic for NASA, were dominated by huge fuel tanks and a large NERVA nuclear reactor engine. In flight, two hollow telescoping arms would extend from the ship to hold the cylindrical living modules, which would rotate at 3 revolutions per minute to simulate gravity. At the front end was an aerodynamic Earth-reentry vehicle. The Apollo command module was initially considered, but rejected in favour of a lifting body design.

Dragon ship

It features four docking arms which must had docked to many of the alien spaceships in the graveyard around the planet Ultra; after their crews had died, orbital stresses must have torn the ships apart.

Dragon ship

More detail of the dragon ship. Large storage tanks and a large booster rocket suggest a long range capacity.

Dragon ship Dragon ship

The front and rear of the dragon ship.

Dragon ship

The dragon ship wth a variety of other craft (the Ultra Probe is just seen top right).

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