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Observations: The Metamorph

The Metamorph Observations Graveyard

The spaceship graveyard in The Metamorph is only seen in 4 shots, but there were many publicity shots.

The Metamorph The Metamorph Publicity Photos

The graveyard reused a number of ships from other episodes. Note only two are bigger than the 44" Eagles, and some are tiny (for instance, the Altares probe in the foreground). However, the graveyard is only seen briefly and is shrouded in mist, so the scale problems are not too obvious.

Script page 25

Amendment page for The Biological Computer, for the script dated 5 January 1976, used by SFX crew member Ron Burton. The episode would be retitled The Metamorph in a script dated 19 January. A very rough plan of the crater floor and spaceships is drawn below the script direction. The square above is possibly the camera pit. "The Eagle lands gently on the base of a large crater. Scattered around it are a variety of alien ships ... and Eagle One." Thanks to Simon.

There are two Eagles in the scene, Fraser's Eagle 1 (regular transporter) and Koenig's Eagle 4 (with special pod and spine boosters). During the episode, two different 44 inch Eagles are used to represent both, often swapping from shot to shot: the original model and the second model. In this scene, Fraser's Eagle 1 is the original model, and Koenig's Eagle 4 is the second model.

The Metamorph The Metamorph

The first shot in the episode of the graveyard prominently shows the Alphan mines from Collision Course (two scales). Also visible, left to right:

See below for more model identifications.

The Metamorph

At the end, we see another version of the graveyard with Eagle 2 replaced by the large Eagle leg pod, only used in this shot. Only the Dragon ship and the large Alphan mine remain with Eagle 1; the other ships have disappeared.

The Metamorph

This shot, from the ending as the volcano starts to explode, is the shot that we see all the publicity shots from. It is the reverse view to the other shots, with Eagle 1 and the Dragon ship foreground, and Eagle 2 beyond. There are a lot more ships than the opposite view, and the positions are not consistent.

Publicity photos, with varying amounts of mist.

The Metamorph The Metamorph The Metamorph The Metamorph
The Metamorph (starlog)

This shot, with more mist than the above, appeared in Starlog Photo Guidebook: Spaceships (1977), Starlog issue 24 (july 1979), Starlog Photo Guidebook: Special Effects Volume 1 (1979), and the Starlog Poster Magazine No. 1 (1983)

The Metamorph The Metamorph

Two versions of a high angle view, which clearly shows the Ariel probes lying on their sides. This shot appeared as the February picture in the 1999 calendar

Spaceships Guide

Close up of broken spine

Eagle 1 shows damage, losing two rear horizontal bars from the spine. The Eagle is normally held by wires attached to these bars. The broken spine is only seen in publicity photos. Thanks to David Sisson. The front left leg pod has been switched here to back right.

In the foreground, both these ships are the front "command modules" of the Battlecruiser seen in multiple episodes. The ball appeared in Alpha Child and War Games. The yellow ship is the front end of the Deltan ship from The Last Enemy Alpha Child The Last Enemy
This is one of the satellites from Into Infinity. It also appears as a the laser canons earlier in the episode.
The Metamorph
Into Infinity
The final satellites from Into Infinity can just be seen hidden by the Dragon ship. Into Infinity
The Dragon ship from Dragon's Domain is prominent is all the shots of the graveyard. Dragon's Domain
These green and blue ships were also in the Dragon's Domain graveyard. Dragon's Domain
Arra's shuttle from Collision Course, upside down here. It also appeared in the Dragon's Domain graveyard. Collision Course
The Sidon ship from Voyager's Return, seen from behind. Voyager's Return
Mostly hidden behind the Deltan command module is Dione's escape capsule from The Last Enemy. The Last Enemy
Alphan mines from Collision Course. The large one is prominent in the foreground right. There are two smaller ones in the mist beyond. Collision Course
Only visible in the high angle shot are two Ariel probes from The Last Sunset lying on their sides. The round blue model is unidentified, but was in the Space City exhibition.
Space City
The Last Sunset

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