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Altares Satellites

In the 1975 one-hour special Into Infinity ("The Day After Tomorrow"), the spaceship Altares arrives at Alpha Centauri and launches a number of satellites. At least t

Into Infinity Into Infinity Into Infinity Into Infinity

There seem to be two satellite models, one with a radar dish appearing in the final shot.

The Metamorph

Both these models appeared in the spaceship graveyard scene in The Metamorph. The first capsule is prominently in the foreground, in front of the Eagle; the second is hidden behind the dragon ship.

The Metamorph

The first capsule appeared earlier in the same episode, alongside Alpha's laser canon.

Space City

From the Space City exhibition from 1977, with Dione's escape pod behind. The other craft appeared in the spaceship graveyard in The Metamorph

The last Altares satellite, which is mostly hidden in the Metamorph. Here it has lost it's radar on top.

Metamorph detail Blue satellite

This blue satellite appeared in the graveyard; it doesn't appear in Into Infinity, or in other episodes as far as we're aware.

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