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Starlog magazine was launched in August 1976. Although the initial focus was Star Trek, it also covered Space: 1999 in many early issues. The only other science fiction film and TV magazine of the time was Cinefantastique, which was much more analytical. Initially quarterly, it quickly moved to 8 issues per year, and by 1979 became monthly. Starlog concentrated on news and interviews, and criticism was minimal. It was well placed to cover Star Wars and the boom in science fiction movies and television. There were numerous spin-off magazines, notably Fangoria from 1979, and a series of "photo guidebooks" starting with Spaceships in 1977. One of their earliest spin-off publications was the Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook in 1977. From 1978 there was a Japanese edition. By mid-1978 it was distributed widely in the UK (shortly after a British competitor, Starburst, had launched). It ran until 2009, the last issue being numbered 374. The entire run is available online at

The magazine was originally intended to be a one-off Star Trek magazine, and turned into a regular magazine to avoid royalty fees to Paramount. With Space: 1999 still showing first run episodes in 1976 and 1977, it received good coverage in early issues. The first issue contained a 3 page article announcing the second series by editor David Houston. This was followed by a larger article, with episode guide, in issue 2, which featured a Space: 1999 cover. This second article coined the phrase MUF (Mysterious Unknown Force), which fans of the series embraced. All of the early issues in 1976-1977 (issues 1-7) mentioned Space: 1999 on the cover.

There was a regular Gerry Anderson column in the magazine from issue 15 to 41 in 1980. With the series now off-air, and with loads of new content to cover, Space: 1999 disappeared from the pages, apart from occasional interviews.

Starlog 2

Starlog 2 cover (November 1976). Other cover art

Starlog 2 cover

The cover art for Starlog 2, by Dick Kohfield (1931-2012). "He and his 14 year old son, Glenn, are fans of Space: 1999". In October 2014, the painting (16.5 x 12", gouache on board, titled "Space 1999- Astral Quest") sold for $3500.

Special Section

Starlog 2 special section, which an article by David Houston titled Recovering from The Mysterious Unknown Force and an episode guide which concluded with a special letters section titled The Conflict Rages.

Starlog 3 (January 1977) had a short article Catherine Schell here to publicize Space: 1999

Starlog 6 (June 1977) announced Moonbase Alpha ceases operation and in an article about special effects carried this page.

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This Eagle article and blueprints appeared in Starlog 7 (August 1977). This was the Star Wars issue (with a striking photo cover); there were no more artwork covers.

In Starlog 10 (December 1977), David Hirsch wrote an article on early concepts for the series: Space Journey 1999

Below: Starlog 14 shows some behind the scenes photographs. Thanks to Jerome Wybon.

Starlog 14 Starlog 14

Starlog 15 (August 1978) began a monthly column by Gerry Anderson which first brought model maker Martin Bower to the world's attention and carried a an impressive examination of the Mysterious Unknown Force by David Hirsch.

Starlog 24 included a small Space: 1999 photo on the cover and a two page retrospective inside (along with congratulation notes from Barry Gray, Gerry Anderson, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and Brian Johnson.


The Hawk article and blueprints appeared in Starlog 32 (March 1980)


The Altares article and blueprints appeared in Starlog 58 (May 1982)


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Thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado for scanning many of these pictures