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Journey Through The Black Sun

Alien Attack Film Compilations Film 3 (1982) Cosmic Princess

Compiled From
Collision Course
Black Sun
89 minutes
Germany Black Sun - Der Todesplanet greift an
Portugal Jornada Através do Sol Negro
Italy Oltre lo spazio tempo


Journey Through The Black Sun
Journey Through The Black Sun Journey flier
Super Space Theatre Press Kit

The tag line for this Super Space Theatre Press Kit was "It's Force Can Bend Space And Time. Nothing Can Escape it - And Someone is Drawing Them Closer!"

Above: title cards on the German Arcade Video, and the TV SF1 broadcast.



The title "music" comprises odd electronic scratches and bleeps, with bits of Barry Gray music from Thunderbirds and UFO.

Incidental music is supplemented (badly) by Barry Gray incidental music from UFO (episodes Identified, Reflections In The Water, The Square Triangle), Secret Service (A Question of Miracles, Case For the Bishop) and Joe 90 (Most Special Astronaut, Arctic Adventure).



The credits include "Dr Victor Bergman". Bergman's title is "Professor", not "Doctor".


There were two trailers produced with clips from the film. The short trailer narration:
"The fantastic futuristic space station Alpha has a near miss with a phantom planet.
But the ship's good fortune turns to misfortune when it's thrown off course careening directly towards a black sun.
(Landau:) "We'll all be dead in 3 days"
Martin Landau and the Alpha crew are heading for a crash course and discovering the Universe's oldest secret in what may be their final voyage.
Space 1999- Journey Through The Black Sun "



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