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DVD: Italy Movies
Compiled by Martin Willey

DVDs (Passworld Video)

Italy 18 April 2006. 18.49 € each

Box Set released 5 December 2007 with new packaging and menus. 56.99 €

Following on from the Italian DVDs, the four compilation movies were released in Italy. The master tapes were digitally restored and colour corrected via digital intermediates. Original film print dots, scratches, distortions and missing frames were corrected (see screen captures for examples).

The retail version of Alien Attack was packaged in a clear Amaray box which allows you to "see through" the front cover, showing the Robert Baldassari Hawk Mark IX blueprint. It also includes Roberto's Eagle poster.

TitleRelease Date
Attacco Alieno
(Alien Attack)
18 April 2006 (rental)
21 June 2006 (retail)
Destinazione: base lunare Alpha
Destination Moonbase Alpha
03 November 2006
Cosmic Princess
Cosmic Princess
03 November 2006
Oltre lo spazio tempo
Journey Through The Black Sun
17 January 2007
DVD cover Journey DVD cover Cosmic DVD cover Destination DVD cover


Main menu: Alien Attack Main menu: Destination Moonbase Alpha Main menu: Journey Through The Black Sun Main menu: Cosmic Princess Main menu: Destination Moonbase Alpha Scene Selection Main menu: Destination Moonbase Alpha Extras Main menu: Journey Through The Black Sun credits

Above: Alien Attack disc art
Below: original and restored frames compared.

dvd/itm/ivmdvditmconfronti01.jpg (88243 bytes) dvd/itm/ivmdvditmconfronti05.jpg (94746 bytes) dvd/itm/ivmdvditmconfronti06.jpg (53944 bytes) dvd/itm/ivmdvditmconfronti07.jpg (38712 bytes)

Below: screen notice about the change of the name "Captain Duro" ("Yuko" in Italian) to Vader, in Cosmic Princess

Cosmic Princess

Promotional card- one side opens out to create a 3-sided stand.

Promo card Side 2 Side 3

SPAZIO 1999 - I FILM MAI VISTI IN TV (Passworld)

Released 5 December 2007. 56.99 €

The box set ("All the TV Films") includes all four movies in new packaging. The slipcase cover art reprints Roberto Baldassari's convention programme book cover for the Destination Moonbase Alpha Convention at Pinewood Studios, 2005. The five discs are in a digipak package within the slipcase, with a booklet, "Alpha Fashion" (8 pages, illustrated, text by Anna Franco), and three colour 34cm x 24cm single sided posters (Transporter Eagle on launch pad cut-away, Laboratory Eagle external plans, Hawk external plans; all by Roberto Baldassari).

Alpha Fashion booklet Alpha Fashion booklet contents

There are 5 DVDs, one for each of the movies as above (although disc labels are completely mixed up), plus a fifth bonus DVD, containing adapted extras from the UK Network DVD set

Roberto also created completely new computer graphics menu sequence.

DVD Title Sequence

Bonus Disc contents

Copyright Martin Willey ; thanks to Pierfilippo Siena and Juri Eugeni
packaging and screen images copyright Passworld