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Destination Moonbase Alpha

Spazio 1999 Film Compilations Film 1 (1978) Alien Attack

Compiled From
The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
The Bringers Of Wonder part 2
96 minutes
Portugal Destino: Base Lunar
Destino Base Lunar Alfa
Japan Space: 2100
Mexico Destino Base Nuclear Alfa
Italy Destinazione: Base Lunare Alpha
Germany Angriff auf Alpha 1
Denmark Angrebet på Månebase Alpha
Spain Destino Base Lunar Alfa


Destination Moonbase Alpha Destination Moonbase Alpha Destination Moonbase Alpha
Super Space Theatre Press Kit

The tag line for this Super Space Theatre Press Kit was "Man's Quest For Extraterrestrial Contact Ends Here!"


Chantrell poster
Mexico lobby poster


The title music is an ATV library track by Mike Vickers (erroneously credited as "Mike Vikkers"), former guitarist from the 1960s band Manfred Mann (also a member was Paul Jones, who appeared in Black Sun). His other compositions include the opening music for the long running US sports series "This Week In Baseball" since 1977 (it was also used by ABC news in the 1970s). The tracks appear on the 1984 Bruton music LP Points of Impact (BRJ 29) as "Moonbase part 1" (the opening narration until the nuclear waste explodes), "Moonbase part 2" (the TV announcer) and "Moonbase part 3" (the main titles). Thanks to Chris Dale.

The end title song, titled "Space", is composed by Guido and Maurizio de Angelis (mis-spelled on the end credits as "Maurizo De Angalis"), lyrics by Hilary Harvey, sung by "Oliver Onions". Oliver Onions is a pseudonym used by the de Angelis brothers. They also performed the Italian song "S.O.S. Spazio 1999" as "Oliver Onions", a spin-off single in Italy. In Germany it was re-recorded in German by Berry Sarluis, and released as a single "Flieg mit mir (Raumschiff 1999)" ("Fly with me (spaceship 1999)").


1. An introductory narration, with scrolling text as in Star Wars. The narration is spoken by Mark Smith (the voice of the Cloud in Beta Cloud).
2. Helena's recap of part 1 is cut
3. The epilogue in Command Centre is cut (the alien ship disappears, Tony asks Maya about the larren, Koenig asks Helena when everyone will wake up and falls asleep).
There are no other cuts.




Narration: "Far out into the galaxy of the universe is the Moon, Earth's great natural satellite, revolving round man's planet in an orbit as fixed and rigid as that of the sun." The "galaxy of the universe" is nonsense, the Moon is not "far out" in either, and the sun does not go round the Earth.

Narration: "This existence is made possible by a specially developed nuclear support system fed by nuclear waste from Earth." This is not mentioned anywhere in the episodes, including The Bringers Of Wonder, which state the nuclear waste is merely dumped.



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