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Video: UK
Compiled by Martin Willey

Precision Video/ Channel 5 Video/ Polygram Video


The 4 ITC "movies" were released originally by Precision Video (with fold out sleeve 30 x 19 cm, illustrated with b/w photos) in VHS, Beta and, for 1 title, Video 2000, formats.

The video was based on existing 1 inch videotape transfers from 35mm film. The quality of Destination Moonbase Alpha and Alien Attack was excellent. Both Cosmic Princess and Journey Through the Black Sun were converted from the NTSC (US standard) video transfers to PAL (UK standard), with an obvious degradation in quality.

The Precision videos in 1980 were priced for the rental market (there was very few direct sales at the time). The Cosmic Princess and Journey Through the Black Sun releases in 1982 were very limited.

By 1986, home sales of video tapes had taken off, only the VHS format survived, and the titles were re-released by Channel 5 Video. Like Precision, they used the ITC film posters for cover art, although now all included the name "Space 1999". Oddly, Cosmic Princess was "volume 3", but the other films did not have a volume number.

ITC Polygram took over Channel 5 in 1991, and began reissuing titles in new packaging in 1992. This packaging featured the series logo ("Space 1999", despite the 2100 date given in the narration) and a single photograph, with a coloured background with vague designs of the Moon and an atom symbol. The reverse featured a larger atom symbol with two small photos.

Destination Moonbase Alpha

Precision: Sept 1980-1986 96 mins VHS: VITC 2019
Beta BITC 2019

Channel 5: August 1986 96 mins (rated PG) VHS: CFV 03072 £7.99
Polygram: August 1992 96 mins (rated PG) VHS: 085 344 3 £10.99

Alien Attack

Precision: Nov 1980-1986 122 mins VHS: VITC 3024; Beta BITC 3024; £39.95
Channel 5: Apr 1987 104 mins (rated PG) VHS: CFV 02962 £7.99
Polygram: August 1992 104 mins (rated PG) VHS: 085 346 3 £10.99

Cosmic Princess

Precision: Dec 1982-1986 95 mins VHS: VITC 2130;

Beta BITC 2130;

Video 2000 CRTIC 2130;

Channel 5: Dec 1987 105 mins (rated PG) VHS: CFV 06972 £7.99
Polygram: August 1992 105 mins (rated PG) VHS: 085 354 3 £10.99

Journey Through the Black Sun

Precision: 1983?-1986 95 mins. Stereo compatible. VHS: VITC 2???; Beta BITC 2???; £40.99
Channel 5: June 1989 96 mins (rated U) VHS: CFV 03362 £7.99
Polygram: August 1992 96 mins (rated U) VHS: 085 342 3 £10.99

Cosmic Princess Precision Video cover thanks to David Hirsch.

Copyright Martin Willey