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Cosmic Princess

Journey Through The Black Sun Film Compilations: Film 4 (1982)

Compiled From
The Metamorph
Space Warp
91 minutes
Portugal Princesa Cósmica


Super Space Theatre Press Kit


Cosmic Princess Cosmic Princess art


The title "music" is Barry Gray incidental music from the Year One episode Another Time, Another Place.

Incidental music is supplemented (poorly) by more Barry Gray incidental music, from the Year 1 episodes Matter Of Life And Death and Black Sun, plus the series Joe 90 (Arctic Adventure, Special Astronaut), Secret Service (Case for the Bishop, Question Of Miracles) and UFO (Identified, Reflections in the Water, Square Triangle).



On January 22, 1989, Cosmic Princess was shown on the Minneapolis UHF station KTMA-TV, the tenth in a series called Mystery Science Theater 3000 (often known as MST3K). The series featured an astronaut and his robot sidekicks, who would give a running commentary throughout the movie, pointing out the flaws. It was the first of eleven series. Kenneth Morgan remembers one of the jokes: When Koenig is smashing up the Psyche computer, one of the hosts (I think it's Crow) asks, "What, there's no 'off' switch?"

This is the only movie which shows no credits for either Gerry Anderson (Executive Producer and co-creator) or Sylvia Anderson (co-creator). Thanks to David Penn.



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