The Catacombs Cosmic Princess

The trailer for Cosmic Princess is 1 minute 42 seconds long. It can only be seen on the French DVDs; the UK and US DVDs do not include it. The soundtrack uses the mix of Derek Wadsworth and Barry Gray incidental themes used in the compilation movie.

Somewhere in the darkest reaches of the universe, the scientists and astronauts of Moonbase Alpha are about to discover that mankind is not alone.

Sandra: Sensors are picking up an enormous disturbance.

Five million light years from home, an alien encounter is about to take place.

Tony: What's happened to Alpha?

Alan (V/O): We've gone through a space warp.

Mentor: I am Mentor, of the planet Psychon.

Tony: You're in a hurry to get out there, aren't you?
Koenig: I may be in a hurry to get back.

Alan: She won't take it! She'll break up!
Koenig: Boosters - full power!

You are about to meet an extraterrestrial princess with powers beyond your wildest imagination.

Koenig: Who are you?
Maya: Maya, Mentor's daughter.

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