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Cosmic Princess publicity photos, thanks to Mark Shaw.

Cosmic Princess art

Cosmic Princess art, thanks to Jérôme Wybon

Cosmic Princess (83k)

This is the colour card, with the tag line An Alien Beauty Hiding A Beast Within!. Note the Cosmic Princess logo completely obscures the images of Landau and Bain (see above), with the laser beam appearing from nowhere.

Cosmic Princess (62k)

The back of the card describes the movie: A beautiful alien princess with the power with the power to change at will into any living creature comes to the aid of Moonbase Alpha when the runawy space outpost is lured to a bizarre and deadly planet.

Cosmic Princess (169k)

The publicity artwork is clearly based on publicity photographs, including the pose of Catherine Schell with the alien heads also seen here. A very shapely Maya has sprouted wings. Four of Mentor's spaceships zooms over Koenig (who has a red sleeve) and Helena, who clutches him. Helena sits at Koenig's waist height. On the lunar surface, a Psychon overseer fights two astronauts.

Cosmic Princess (140k)

Catherine Schell stars as Maya, the Cosmic Princess, who can transform herself into the two depicted monsters through the powers of molecular transformations.

Cosmic Princess (131k)

Dr Helena Russell (Barbara Bain), Maya (Catherine Schell) and Commander John Koenig (Martin Landau) - Main Mission Command Center.

Cosmic Princess (122k)

Catherine Schell stars as Maya, Princess of the planet Psychon, and her father, Mentor (Brian Blessed).

Cosmic Princess (161k)

Dr Helena Russell (Barbara Bain) and Alan Carter (Nick Tate) are about to be "consumed" by a biological computer.

Cosmic Princess (121k)

On the planet Psychon, a graveyard of spaceships lay still and untouched.

Cosmic Princess

The Eagle prepares to blast-off to avoid the unknown danger of a Black Sun.

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