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Publicity Material
Compiled by Martin Willey


Posters used to publicise the 1975 Italian movie compiled from episodes. The spacesuits on the posters are white (probably as they were using black and white publicity photos). The logo (Spazio 1999) in styled identically to the English titles, with Landau and Bain having prominent credits.

Artwork poster of two astronauts fighting on a rocky lunar surface (as Nordstrom and Steiner), with a rescue Eagle overhead.
There are two versions: one with logo and credits below in a white border; the other without a border, with logo and credits superimposed over the bottom of the art. In both versions the logo is red.
The borderless poster is 1m x 1.4m.

Italy poster
Italy poster
Thanks to Jérôme Wybon
Italy poster 2

Poster with colourized photos. At the bottom is a montage of the lunar surface with astronauts (2 scenes from Ring Around The Moon, 1 from Black Sun); above is the logo (in yellow) with a rescue Eagle above.
The rescue Eagle has it's landing feet removed and artwork flames coming from the rear engines.
The astronauts are all in white suits; the lunar surface is distinctly brownish.
Poster dimensions are 70cm x 90cm.

Photo posters

Seven photo-based posters, with yellow logos. Double height poster is 1m x 1.4m. Smaller ones are 46cm x 66cm

Italy photo posters

Double height poster. Top is Koenig clinging to a desk (Breakaway), bottom is Waste Disposal Area 2, and a moonbuggy.
Image thanks Marco Ciroi and Stefano Guizzardi

Montage of Bergman, Regina and Alan, and Helena held by Koenig. Koenig's uniform is yellowed and there is a Gemini spaceship on the monitor screen.
Image thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

Rescue Eagle on launch pad.
Image thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

Astronauts by gravity tower, from Ring Around The Moon
Image thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

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Helena with Alan carrying Regina, from Another Time, Another Place
Image thanks to Marco Ciroi and Stefano Guizzardi.

Lobby Cards

Other posters:

Image thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

Kronos 1999

Kronos 1999

Greece, possibly 1978.

From the artwork and director credit (Katzin), this is a Greek release of the 1975 Italian movie.

The text reads "A fantastic adventure
Packed with
Action - Struggle - Adventure
Directed by Lee Katzin
Kronos 1999
Martin Landau
Barbara Bain
Address: Ioannis Leontsinis 96 Akadimias (2nd floor)



Chantrell artwork for Destination Moonbase Alpha and Alien Attack was distributed in various sizes. The promotional art for Journey Through The Black Sun and Cosmic Princess (which were intended for cable and video sales only) were available in a smaller range of sizes.

Destination Moonbase Alpha Cosmic Princess
Journey Through the Black Sun art Cosmic Princess art
Thanks to Jérôme Wybon

Front of House Stills/ Lobby Cards

Front of house photos were 35.5cm x 28cm; 8 were available including shots of A B Chrysalis, Seance Spectre and Brian The Brain in the Destination Moonbase Alpha set; and one Year 2 shot of Alan in the Alien Attack set.

A photographic master set was also produced for each of the two films. The set is 40.5cm x 50.5cm, showing 8 front of house photos and 10 others.

Destination Moonbase Alpha front of house stills
Destination Moonbase Alpha Front of house stills

In Mexico a 12x16 inch lobby card was produced for "Destino Base Nuclear Alfa", with an odd Star Wars type spaceship painted over a reworking of the Chantrell poster. There were also three inset photos, two from the standard publicity pack, and a larger black and white scene.

Mexico lobby poster
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Press Literature

Destination Moonbase Alpha and Alien Attack had extensive publicity material, while the later compilations relied on brief flyers only.


ITC publicity flyers, single A4 glossy sheets with large photo on one side, and black and white photos and text description on back. Although both compilation films are Year 1, Maya and Tony appear on the cover of one leaflet, and Cantar from the Exiles is on the back. These first appeared in the 1982 Super Space Theater folder (above), and were reissued in the 1989 Heritage Collection package. Alien Attack and Journey Through the Black Sun thanks to Jaz Wiseman

Alien Attack front Alien Attack front Journey Through The Black Sun Journey Through The Black Sun

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