The Catacombs Alien Attack Publicity

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Alien Attack publicity photos, thanks to Mark Shaw. Note that only one photo from the six images is actually from War Games- and two are from Year 2.

Alien Attack card (293k) Alien Attack card back (157k)

Above: A4 publicity card.

Alien Attack publicity (123k)

Black and white version of poster, without overlaying text.

Alien Attack publicity (111k)

Commander John Koenig (MARTIN LANDAU) is responsible for the welfare and survival of his crew of three hundred people on Moonbase Alpha.

Alien Attack publicity (110k)

Dr. Helena Russell (BARBARA BAIN) tries to fight for her life and escape an unknown fate.

Alien Attack publicity (96k)

A mysterious alien (ANTHONY VALENTINE) plans a devastating sneak attack, unknown to the crew of Moonbase Alpha.

Alien Attack publicity (137k)

Commander John Koenig (MARTIN LANDAU) -l- and Professor Bergman (BARRY MORSE) -r- may be walking into a mysterious trap.

Alien Attack publicity (104k)

Academy-Award winning special effects wizard BRIAN JOHNSON (Alien, The Empire Strikes Back) createdthis spectacular battle sequence as an Eagle defends Moonbase Alpha against an ALIEN ATTACK.

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