The Catacombs Journey Through The Black Sun Publicity

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Journey Through The Black Sun publicity photos, thanks to Jérôme Wybon, Mark Shaw and David Hirsch.

Journey Through the Black Sun art

Publicity art, thanks to Jérôme Wybon. The stylized Moonbase is smaller, taller, and has no Main Mission Tower at the center. There are 3 launch pads (not 5). Arra looks much younger.

Publicity card. The art is reversed from the art above. There is an artist signature under the Eagle: "JAL". The caption: It's Force Can Bend Space And Time. Nothing Can Escape it - And Someone is Drawing Them Closer!

Reverse of publicity card. The most bizarre space phenomenon in the universe, a black sun, draws the inhabitants of Earth's runaway moon to a strange rendevois with an unearthly alien life form.

Black and white publicity card, with no caption.

Reverse of black and white publicity card. It's Force Can Bend Space And Time. Nothing Can Escape it - And Someone is Drawing Them Closer!

BARBARA BAIN, BARRY MORSE (kneeling) and MARTIN LANDAU star in ITC Entertainment's science-fiction adventure film, JOURNEY TO THE BLACK SUN.. Photo from The Infernal Machine.

MARGARET LEIGHTON stars as Arra, a mystical alien who guides Moonbase Alpha into the Black Sun.

The unknown awaits the astronauts of the Eagle as they explore the atmosphere with highly technical equipment on the Black Sun. Photo from Ring Around The Moon. The caption makes no sense at all.

The Eagle, the basic reconnaissance ship used for fast transportation and inter-planetary flight. Moonbase Alpha supports a fleet of these high speed spaceships equipped with space-to-space missiles and controlled by a pilot who is directed from Main Mission Control.

Commander John Koenig (MARTIN LANDAU) rescues Dr. Helena Russell (BARBARA BAIN) from an uncertain danger. Photo from Death's Other Dominion.

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