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Bringers Of Wonder Special Edition, #7958018: UK 8 December 2014 (but first posted 10 December 2014) £13

Announced on 14th November 2014, this special edition was a "foretaste" of the Year 2 restoration for Autumn 2015. It was a limited edition of 1999 copies.

Packaging was a outer cardboard sleeve, with an inner Digipak (with a cover photo close-up of one of the monsters)

Outer sleeve cover.

Outer sleeve, back cover. "This special edition, limited to just 1999 copies, includes both episodes of this two-part story, digitally restored in stunning High Definition, bringing fans a foretaste of the long-awaited Blu-ray release of Space: 1999 - The Complete Second Series. Also included is the full-length feature Destination Moonbase-Alpha, compiled from these two episodes."

Inner digipak and disc. The "Original ITV transmission" dates are ATV.

Inner digipak cover

The Destination Moonbase Alpha compilation film is in high definition, but is not restored like the individual episodes. In comparison, colours are shifted to pink and detail is a little indistinct, if still superior to standard definition.

For both the individual episodes and the compilation film, the picture is pillar-boxed around the original 4:3 ratio (not cropped). The sound on all the features is mono.

The menu shows a loop of action sequences with the series logo and the four menu items listed in a bar across the bottom of the screen.

Note: screenshots are compressed, and are not representative of the quality of the Blu-ray image.

Standard definition
Destination Moonbase Alpha
High Definition, unrestored
Bringers Of Wonder
High Definition, restored
The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

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