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The Beta Cloud

Seed of Destruction Year 2 - Episode 14 Space Warp

Writer Charles Woodgrove
Director Robert Lynn
Guest Star Dave Prowse
Belgium 18 Jan 1978
France/Canada Le nuage qui tue The Cloud Which Kills 23 Apr 1977
Spain La nube Beta The Beta cloud14 Sep 1977
Germany Die Feuerwolke The Fire Cloud 23 Jul 1978
Italy La Nuvola The Cloud 11 May 1979
Japan Save the Life-supporting System! 9 Jun 1981
Poland Oblok Beta 21 Jul 1979
Portugal A Nuvem Beta The Beta Cloud 3 Dec 1977
South AfricaDie Beta-Wolk The Beta Cloud28 Apr 1984
USA (New York) 19 Feb 1977
USA (San Francisco) 22 Jan 1977
UK (ATV) 16 Dec 1976
UK (LWT) 18 Dec 1976

A mystery illness strikes the moon. An eerie cloud utters a sentence of death. And a frightening space creature runs amok. ITC summary


The Beta Cloud


The Beta Cloud

The cloud was made by injecting condensed milk into a water tank and filming from underneath. The milk was swirled to simulate laser hits.

The Beta Cloud Year 2 titles The Beta Cloud



The Beta Cloud



1503 days after leaving Earth orbit (Sat 25 Oct 2003)

Alpha Personnel:

1 fatality, Tom Graham. Three guards are attacked and left injured or dead for the duration of the episode

Alpha Technology:


Eagle 6 (Graham)

Maya transformations:

The Beta Cloud

Kreno animal (as in The AB Chrysalis), bee, lizard animal (as in Seed Of Destruction), mouse

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud




The "Peculiar Cloud". The Creature is a robot, not a life-form.

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud


The Beta Cloud

The Weapons section has a propogatoscope from A Matter Of Balance (actually a Krokus color SL photographic enlarger).

The Beta Cloud

The vacuum chamber door in Int. Techlab 5 is the nuclear reactor door from Force Of Life.


The Beta Cloud

One shot of Eagle 6 returning to Alpha actually shows an Eagle leaving the base.

The Beta Cloud

When the travel tube doors close on the Creature, its hair is trapped


The Beta Cloud



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