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Blu-ray: Germany
Compiled by Martin Willey


Mondbasis Alpha 1 - Die komplette erste Staffel ("The complete first series") Blu-ray and DVD: 20 November 2015 Blu-ray: €40, DVD: €30
Mondbasis Alpha 1 - Die komplette zweite Staffel ("The complete second series") Blu-ray and DVD: 26 February 2016 €46
Mondbasis Alpha 1 - Extended Version Komplettbox: Alle 48 Folgen ("Extended Version Complete Box: All 48 Episodes") DVD Only: 11 March 2016 €58
Mondbasis Alpha 1 - Die Spielfilme-Box ("Movie box") DVD Only: 29 May 2016 €28 Details

All versions available as both DVD (8 DVDs per series) and Blu-ray (6 Blu-rays per series)

Fernsehjuwelen ("TV Jewels") reissued the Network Complete First Series and Complete Second Series for the German market. Network's first series set was 5 Blu-ray and 2 DVD, but Fernsehjuwelen puts the 2 DVDs together onto a single 6th Blu-ray. Fernsehjuwelen promoted the episodes as "extended versions", but they are only extended in the sense that the original German broadcasts were all cut.

The initial covers credited "Martin Landau - Barry Morse - Barbara Bain - Nick Tate" on both boxes (including Year 2, which didn't feature Morse). On release, the Year 2 set credited Catherine Schell instead of Barry Morse. The Moonbase photo disappears into the lunar craters at the edges, and the computer generated Eagle is a little disappointing.

The soundtrack has the same DTS-HD 2.0 English track as Network, plus a German language DTS-HD 2.0 track.

There is a 24 page booklet by Dominik Starck.

The complete box set of both series was DVD only (16 discs), as was the movie box set (4 discs). See movie details

Die komplette erste Staffel Die komplette zweite Staffel

Above: Blu-ray covers (with pre-release series 2 cover crediting Barry Morse)

Above: DVD covers (with final series 2 cover crediting Catherine Schell and including Barbara Bain, in Year 1 uniform)

Year 1 Blu-ray

Front and back cover.

The 6 Blu-ray discs. The disc photos don't match the episodes (discs 3,5 and 6 are all from Mission of the Darians, which is on disc 6)

Booklet, by Dominik Starck

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