The Catacombs Episode Critics
Compiled by Martin Willey

14. The Beta Cloud

...Freiberger...provides possibly the worst ever Space 1999 episode- it's hopelessly shallow, low on plot, and looks unforgivably cheap. (Richard Houldsworth, TV Zone, 1994)

One could forgive cutting costs on the production side if it was not for the poor quality of the mindless, inane and generally crap script. There are more holes in the script than polyester hairs on the monster especially when the problem of the creature is finally resolved. Also watch out for embarrassing scenes between Maya and Tony and the clumsy way their relationship is resolved at the end of the episode in order to avoid continuity problems in future. 2/10 (Anthony McKay, DWB, 1994)

A rather stupid 'runaround' episode with a cheap looking monster. It's nice to see the supporting cast get more to do than normal and there are nice performances from Nick Tate, Zienia Merton and John Hug. C- (Chris Bentley, SFX 20, 1996)

Little more than an extended footchase though the twisting corridors of Moonbase Alpha, this story is nevertheless fun to watch. Though it is just one ridiculous fight scene after another as yet another unconvincing bug-eyed monster wreaks havoc, the direction by Robert Lynn is pulse quickening. (John Kenneth Muir, Exploring Space: 1999, p131)

A fun and juvenile episode. This is, in some senses, a lobotomised version of End Of Eternity. The script is obviously padded with endless repetition in order to bring it up to the length of a full episode. 6/10 (Bob Wood, The Future Is Fantastic, 2001)