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Character designs

Maya concept

Maya concepts, The Metamorph

Maya concept

Different Maya concepts, The Metamorph. Originally Maya was to be a black woman (Teresa Graves was approached), and these concepts seem to date from that period. Jewellery chains worn over the head are traditional in African and Asian costume. The top left head looks similar to the Overseer costumes used in the episode.

Emma Porteous Maya designs

Designs by Emma Porteous for Maya (here "Alien") in The Metamorph. The butterfly design with cape may also show Maya as a black woman. The dress on the right is annotated: "Grey sheath dress of grey sequins - based on transparent net - re-embroidered with grey sequins - trimmed with grey ostrich feathers"


Earthbound Zantor costume design.


Missing Link Raan costume design


Missing Link Vana costume design

The Metamorph overseer design

Horned cyclops creature (possibly Bringers of Wonder part 2 and Alien Transport from The Rules of Luton

Bringers of Wonder alien and The Beta Cloud Creature design

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The Beta Cloud Creature design

War Games male alien; the second drawing seems to be another version.

Unknown aliens, possibly Companion and Vana.

The robot from Brain The Brain in 2 versions. Note the R2-D2 grab arms from the sides.
Mouth to be made up from lights to work on voice impulse
Concave dish reflective for face
Operation by man inside
Concealed wheels

An alien solider in knight's armour. Possibly this is an early design for Thaed, the guard monster in A Matter of Balance. The original script description of Thaed was a monster with horns and crab claws. Keith Wilson wanted to do a alien soldier with a uniform. The Thaed on screen does wear a uniform, and has spikes (horns) like this design, but with the Beta Cloud creature head added.