The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Laser/ Nuclear Controls

These are nuclear and laser controls featured in Space Brain and The Exiles which also appear in other episodes.

Nuclear Detonator

Space Brain

Space Brain: the nuclear detonator.

Space Brain

Space Brain

Space Brain

Space Brain

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud

The Beta Cloud: the same control fires the laser canon (the labels say "LASER" and "FIRE").

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud

The Beta Cloud in Weapons Section. It is between the laser control from The Exiles (see below) and the Eagle remote control (operated by Tony in this shot). The back of the control shows a radiation warning symbol.

Seed Of Destruction

In Life Support Section (a minimally altered Weapons Section) in Seed Of Destruction


Dorzak: it also appears in the background in a Technical lab (in the centre of this shot, in front of the door).


Dorzak: note the radiation symbol.

Brian The Brain

Brian The Brain: it is in the Swift passenger section (in the foreground of this shot).

The Mark Of Archanon

The Mark Of Archanon in Medical... the radiation symbol is clearly visible.

The Immunity Syndrome

The timing device is also seen in Eagle 4 in The Immunity Syndrome

Laser control

The Exiles The Exiles

The Exiles: the laser control in the Research station.

The Beta Cloud

Maya is turning the dial in this shot from The Beta Cloud. Instead of aiming the laser control (here Tony is using the Eagle remote control for that), Maya is controlling the sensors so she can read the coordinates of the cloud.

The Dorcons

The Dorcons: on Koenig's desk in Command Centre.

The Seance Spectre

The same control is also seen in The Seance Spectre controlling an Eagle laser turret (it has "Laser Control" written on the side).

Laser trigger

The A B Chrysalis

In The A B Chrysalis a trigger is used for the Eagle turret.

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