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South Africa flag (in the 1970s a different flag was used, often known as the apartheid flag) South Africa

by Steven van der Merwe; episode list by Shaqui

Space: 1999 (Y1) was shown in the late seventies by the South African Broadcasting Corporation - at the time the only TV broadcaster in the country and operated by the state, and broadcasting countrywide.

SABC-TV officially started in January 1976, funded by a viewer's license fee (in 1978 it began advertising). Many foreign companies were reluctant to sell to South Africa because of apartheid, but the station was able to show many US and some British shows, mostly dubbed into Afrikaans.

The Afrikaans-dubbed version we saw here was called Alpha 1999 - with just a space in-between Alpha and 1999.

It was shown on Fridays at 5:15pm. At the same time, SABC-TV was showing Thunderbirds on Saturday evenings.

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Nr Date (Fridays) Afrikaans Title Translation Original Title


15 April 1977 5:15pm


Winding Course *(literal translation - possibly a variation
on 'Turning Point', the episode's working title?
Colloquial translation is 'Finishing Stretch' of a race)



22 April 1977 5:15pm

Alpha Kind

Alpha Child

Alpha Child


29 April 1977 5:15pm

Die Dood Se Ander Ryk

Death Will Reach Others *(literal translation)

Death's Other Dominion


6 May 1977 5:15pm

'n Kwissie Van Lewe Of Dood

A Matter of Life and Death

Matter of Life and Death


13 May 1977 5:15pm


Space Brain

Space Brain


20 May 1977 5:15pm

No title given *(episode identified by listing description)


War Games


27 May 1977 5:15pm

Bewaker Van Piri

Awakening of Piri

Guardian of Piri


3 June 1977 5:15pm

No title given *(episode identified by listing description)


End of Eternity


10 June 1977 5:15pm

Die Laaste Sonsondergang

The Last Sunset

The Last Sunset


17 June 1977 5:15pm

Die Draak Se Gebied

The Dragon's Region

Dragon's Domain


24 June 1977 5:15pm

Voyager Se Terugkeer

Voyager is Coming Back

Voyager's Return


25 November 1977 5:15pm

Die Gevaarlike Masjien

The Dangerous Machine

The Infernal Machine


2 December 1977 5:15pm

Testament Van Arkadia

Testament of Arcadia

The Testament of Arcadia


9 December 1977 5:15pm

No title or description given


16 December 1977

Not listed


23 December 1977 5:15pm

Die Volle Kringloop

The Full Circle *(kring is 'circle' but 'kringloop' is a circular walkway)

Full Circle


30 December 1977 5:15pm


Crash Course

Collision Course


6 January 1978 5:15pm

'n Vreemde Lewenskrag

A Strange Being

Force of Life


13 January 1978 5:15pm

Die Vermiste Skakel

The Lost Connection

Missing Link


20 January 1978 5:15pm

Ander Tyd, Ander Plek

Other Time, Other Place

Another Time, Another Place


27 January 1978 5:15pm

Bestemming, Die Arde

Destination Earth



3 February 1978 5:15pm

Kring Om Die Moon

Circle Round The Moon

Ring Around The Moon


10 February 1978 5:15pm

Die Swart Son

The Black Sun

Black Sun

Steven van der Merwe writes Y2 followed several years later (also dubbed into Afrikaans), but at the time I was unpleasantly surprised by the change of direction in the show, and only watched it on the odd occasion. So I can't remember much of Y2's broadcast.

Shaqui has uncovered the followed short run for Alpha 1999 Year 2 in 1984. This list may not be complete, but no further listings were found into 1985. The first episode was listed as Alpha '99 with the following episodes Alpha 1999, although the 2 June 1984 episode was under the title Alfa 1999. Scheduling information is unknown for 14 July 1984, and the 21 July slot was taken by the pilot of T J Hooker. Just 11 or 12 episodes were shown. Rules of Luton was shown (or at least scheduled) twice (just a month apart).

Number Date (Saturdays) Afrikaans Title Translation Original Title


21 April 1984 7:09pm

Unknown but probably The Metamorph


28 April 1984 7:09pm

Die Beta-Wolk

The Beta Cloud

The Beta Cloud


5 May 1984 7:08pm

'n Oomblik van Menslikheid

A Moment Of Humanity

One Moment Of Humanity


12 May 1984 7:09pm

Die Melkewegeklips

The Milky Way Eclipse

Journey To Where


19 May 1984 7:09pm

Skyn Bedreig

Mock Threat

All That Glisters


26 May 1984 7:07pm

Die Kainsmerk

The Mark of Cain

The Mark of Archanon


2 June 1984 7:07pm

Die Wette van Lutton

The Laws of Luton *The planet name is spelt Luton in the synopsis

The Rules of Luton


9 June 1984 7:08pm

Unknown episode


16 June 1984 7:08pm

Banie die Brein

Banie the Brain

Brian The Brain


23 June 1984 7:07pm

Unknown episode


30 June 1984 7:10pm

Unknown episode


7 July 1984 7:08pm

Die Wette van Lutton

The Laws of Luton

The Rules of Luton

13 ?

14 July 1984

To be scheduled

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Steven van der Merwe writes As far as I can recall, there was never much merchandising over here, but I do recall a S1999 cartoon strip published for a short period in the SABC's own weekly magazine called Family Radio & TV, as well as in its Afrikaans language counterpart Radio & TV Dagboek. (Dagboek = Diary). Neither magazine exists any more. The cartoon strip was almost certainly purchased on a syndication basis from overseas. One cartoon scene rings a bell - the Alphans encounter a planet which they think might be Earth, but the planet has been taken over by giant ants. (Perhaps this will assist you in establishing which cartoon series was published here.) [Ed: This was the John Burns Look-In strip, not the Farinas-Cardona Zack comic story).

From the SABC's English weekly magazine Family Radio & TV, pages 8-9, dated May 2-8, 1977 (around the time of the 4th episode). "Alpha 1999 is a world beta" by Allen Leider. "Handsome men, gorgeous girls and horrifying happenings in Deep Space are a formula that made this series compulsive viewing in more than 100 countries". Note two of the pictures of Year 2, which would not be seen for another 7 years.

From SABC's Afrikaans magazine Radio & TV Dagboek, pages 74-75, dated 8-14 August 1977. This is the second strip of story 2 of the Look-In strip. Space: 1999 Comic Anthology (2023) has an article (p278-280) about the comic reprints, noting that the English version Family Radio & TV did not carry the strip, only the Afrikaans Radio & TV Dagboek. Eight of the stories were reprinted (story 1 to story 9, skipping story 5, the Long Man), the last being July 1978.

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