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DVD: Australia
Compiled by Martin Willey

DVDs (Magna Pacific, Beyond Home Entertainment)


From 8th October 2003, two 6-disc DVD boxsets each $AU49.95
From 2005, as individual volumes.
From 31 March 2009, two 6-disc DVD slimline box set, each $AU25.95
From 11 November 2009, 30th Anniversary DVD Boxset (Beyond Home Entertainment) $AU29.97
From 3 February 2016, 12 disc Collector's Set (Beyond Home Entertainment) $AU44.98

Magna Pacific released in the series in three editions (2 series boxsets, individual discs and 2 slimline boxsets). In 2009, parent company Beyond Home Entertainment released a new boxset (30th Anniversary Edition) under their own label.

Magna Pacific

Year 1 box set cover Year 2 box set cover

The Magna Pacifix DVD box sets with 6 discs/24 episodes per set. The sets are almost identical to the UK Carlton box sets. Unlike the UK, the individual volumes are not available separately (initially). However, the price for each set was much cheaper than the UK (£21 vs £80 for the Carlton version)

The packaging, disc menus, episodes and extras are identical to Carlton.

Initial box set packaging was a thin card box (fragile compared to the sturdy Carlton box) enclosing six Amaray cases. All covers were only slightly modified from Carlton's (for instance, to include the Australian rating warning of "adult themes, low level violence"). Unlike the Carlton editions, the individual disc volumes do not include a printed leaflet, but print chapter headings on the cover interior (the case plastic is translucent). The discs themselves have character photos (the same as the case cover).

From end-March 2009, both boxsets were reissued in a slimline format, each entire season in a single keep case holding 6 discs with two internal "pages" (rather than discs in separate keep cases). The cover art is the same, and the discs, both artwork and content, are identical.

Beyond Home Entertainment

30th Anniversary cover

Released on 11 November 2009, the "30th Anniversary edition" was released under parent Beyond Home Entertainment's own label. Unlike the previous releases (re-issues of the UK Carlton DVDs), the new boxset was a reissue of the remastered 7-disc UK Network box set. Although marketed as the "30th Anniversary edition" it was actually 34 years since the series was first broadcast (and two years after the similarly named Megaset 30th Anniversary Edition released by A&E in the US).

Prints and extras in the 7 disc boxset were identical to the Network set, but with new cover art.

Box Set Volume Episodes Extras

Year 1
13 October 2003

Volume 1
Volume 1

Matter Of Life And Death
Black Sun
Ring Around The Moon

Original Publicity
Production Art
Character Biographies

Volume 2
Volume 2

Another Time, Another Place
Missing Link
Guardian Of Piri

Charlton and Look-In comics
This Is Your Life photos
Moonbase Alpha overview

Volume 3
Volume 3

Force Of Life
Alpha Child
The Last Sunset
Voyager's Return

Paperbacks and E C Tubb interview
Eagle overview
Behind The Scenes Gallery

Volume 4
Cover image

Collision Course
Death's Other Dominion
The Full Circle
End Of Eternity

Merchandise Gallery
Director biographies
Horizon behind the scenes footage

Volume 5
Cover image

War Games
The Last Enemy
The Troubled Spirit
Space Brain

Crew biographies
Alien Attack trailers
1977 Space City exhibition intro film
Lyons Maid ice lolly commercial

Volume 6
Cover image

The Infernal Machine
Mission Of The Darians
Dragon's Domain
The Testament Of Arkadia

Original Series Writer's Guide
Visual effects storyboards

Year 2
13 October 2003

Volume 1
Cover image

The Metamorph
The Exiles
One Moment Of Humanity
All That Glisters

Year 2 trailer 1
Stills gallery
Deleted script pages (Metamorph and Exiles)

Volume 2
Cover image

Journey To Where
The Taybor
The Rules Of Luton
The Mark Of Archanon

Year 2 trailer 2
Stills gallery
New Character profiles (Maya and Tony)

Volume 3
Cover image

Brian The Brain
New Adam, New Eve
Catacombs Of The Moon
The A B Chrysalis

Year 2 trailer 3
Stills gallery
Year 2 novels

Volume 4
Cover image

Seed Of Destruction
The Beta Cloud
Space Warp
A Matter Of Balance

Destination Moonbase Alpha trailer
Stills gallery
Cast and crew interviews

Volume 5
Cover image

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1
The Bringers Of Wonder part 2
The Lambda Factor
The Seance Spectre

Landau/Bain UK trailer
Stills gallery
Deleted script pages (Seance Spectre)

Volume 6
Cover image

Devil's Planet
The Immunity Syndrome
The Dorcons

Landau/Bain USA trailers
Stills gallery
Brian Johnson interview and commentary

Collector's Set
03 Feb 2016

12 DVD box set, Year 1 and Year 2

Collector's Set
Cover Interior and disc

Above: Set 1, volume 1 cover and interior
Below: menus and extras, identical to Carlton

Year 1 menu Year 2 menu Extras menu Extras

Below: 2009 slimcase format, thanks to Andrew Rea.

Slimcase 2009 cover Slimcase 2009 cover Slimcase 2009 back cover Slimcase 2009 discs Slimcase 2009 discs Slimcase 2009 discs

Copyright Martin Willey ;
packaging and screen images copyright Magna Pacific