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Space: 1999 was shown on stations belonging to Australia's Seven network. At the time, Australia had one national government-funded TV network, ABC (based on Britain's BBC).The major metropolitan areas of each Australian state (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth) had several commercial stations each: Channel 7, Channel 9 and a channel 0 or 10. These commercial stations were local and independent, but created alliances to share content. These alliances become the Seven Network (the channel 7 stations), the Nine Network (the channel 9 stations) and the Ten Network (channel 0 and 10 stations).

Australia introduced colour television on 1 March 1975, and Space: 1999 was one of the first series broadcast in colour. See the article What you'll see on color TV from 19 February 1975.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory - CTC7

The channel 7 station for Australia's capital, Canberra, was CTC7. It had built the first colour studio in Australia in 1974, and was the first station to broadcast the majority of its output in colour. It was keen to show off TV series in colour, and so it was the first broadcaster to show Space: 1999 in the world.

Space: 1999 began in Canberra at the late timeslot of 10.35pm on Friday 16 May 1975. It finished in November.

Year 2 started on Friday 2 September 1977 at 7:30pm with, oddly, The Mark of Archanon. The Metamorph was shown the following week, on 9 September at the later time of 8:30pm. Later episodes reverted to the 7:30pm slot. In 1978 it shifted to Saturdays in the same slot until March. The series returned in November 1978 on Wednesdays until February 1979.

Episode Broadcast


Friday 16 May 1975 10:35pm


Friday 23 May 1975 10:35pm


Friday 30 May 1975 10:35pm

Collision Course

Friday 6 June 1975 10:35pm


Friday 13 Jun 1975 10:35pm

Voyager's Return

Friday 20 Jun 1975 10:35pm

Matter of Life and Death

Friday 27 Jun 1975 10:35pm

Guardian of Piri

Friday 04 Jul 1975 10:35pm

Ring Around the Moon

Friday 11 Jul 1975 10:35pm

Alpha Child

Friday 18 Jul 1975 10:35pm

Another Time, Another Place

Friday 25 Jul 1975 10:35pm

Black Sun

Friday 01 Aug 1975 10:35pm


Friday 08 Aug 1975 10:35pm


Friday 15 Aug 1975 10:35pm


Friday 22 Aug 1975 10:35pm

End of Eternity

Friday 29 Aug 1975 10:30pm


Friday 05 Sep 1975 10:35pm


Friday 12 Sep 1975 10:35pm


Friday 19 Sep 1975 10:35pm


Friday 26 Sep 1975 10:35pm


Friday 03 Oct 1975 11:05pm


Friday 10 Oct 1975 10:00pm


Friday 17 Oct 1975 10:00pm


Friday 24 Oct 1975 10:00pm

Testament of Arkadia

Friday 07 Nov 1975 10:00pm

The Mark of Archanon

Friday 02 Sep 1977 7:30pm

The Metamorph

Friday 09 Sep 1977 8:30pm

The Exiles

Friday 16 Sep 1977 7:30pm

One Moment of Humanity

Friday 23 Sep 1977 7:30pm

No episode

30 Sep, 7 Oct 1977

The Lambda Factor

Friday 14 Oct 1977 7:30pm

Bringers Of Wonder part 1

Friday 21 Oct 1977 7:30pm

Bringers Of Wonder part 2

Friday 28 Oct 1977 7:30pm

Seance Spectre

Friday 04 Nov 1977 7:30pm

Space Warp

Friday 11 Nov 1977 7:30pm

The Dorcons

Friday 18 Nov 1977 7:30pm

No episode

25 Nov, 2 Dec 1977

Seed of Destruction

Friday 09 Dec 1977 7:30pm


Friday 16 Dec 1977 7:30pm

No episode

Friday 23 Dec 1977

The AB Chrysalis

Friday 30 Dec 1977 7:30pm


Sat 14 Jan 1978 7:30pm


Sat 21 Jan 1978 7:30pm

New Adam New Eve

Sat 28 Jan 1978 7:30pm

Catacombs of the Moon

Sat 04 Feb 1978 7:30pm

The Rules of Luton

Sat 11 Feb 1978 7:30pm

All That Glisters

Sat 18 Feb 1978 7:30pm


Sat 25 Feb 1978 7:30pm

Journey To Where

Sat 04 Mar 1978 7:30pm

The Taybor

Sat 11 Mar 1978 7:30pm

The Beta Cloud

Sat 18 Mar 1978 7:30pm

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Melbourne, Victoria - HSV7

In Melbourne, HSV-7 previewed Breakaway on Monday July 23, 1975 at 7.30pm. The local press called it a "world premiere", although the show had been running in Canberra for 2 months. No other episodes were shown before it started its regular run on Monday 23 February 1976 in a 7:30pm slot.

Year One returned at 7:30pm on Tuesday 9th November 1976 (with Breakaway, followed by Earthbound, Matter of Life And Death, Another Time Another Place, Ring Around The Moon, ?, Mission of The Darians, Missing Link, ?, Troubled Spirit, Full Circle, then dropped January 25th for Love Thy Neighbour).

In 1978 it shifted to Saturday midday (known dates 7 January Immunity Syndrome, Sunday 8 January 1pm Dorzak, 25 March Metamorph, 8 April Beta Cloud 22 April Immunity Syndrome)

The series re-appeared in mid-November 1978 in a Saturday 7.30pm slot, first with repeats of Year One followed by Year 2.

Sydney, New South Wales - ATN7

Year One started on Sunday 3 August 1975 at 7:30pm and continued until Sunday 7 December.

On Tuesday 9 November 1976 it reshowed Breakaway at 7:30pm, followed by Earthbound on 16 November, Another Time, Another Place 30 November, Ring Around the Moon 7 December, Force of Life 14 December, Mission of the Darians 21 December, Missing Link 28 December, The Last Sunset 4 January 1977, unknown episode 11 January. It reappeared on Saturday at 6:30pm on 5 February 1977 with Collision Course, Voyager's Return 12 February, The Testament of Arkadia 19 February, War Games 26 February.

Nick Tate was interviewed by Sydney film critic Bill Collins on his ATN7 show at 10:30pm on Sunday 8 May 1977.

War Games started a new run at 1pm on Sunday 12 June 1977, followed by The Last Enemy on 26 June, Space Brain 3 July, and an unknown episode at 4:30pm on Sunday 17 July.

The first Year 2 episode appeared at 5pm on Sunday 14 August: Journey To Where. There was nothing else until Force of Life at 7:30pm on Monday 7 November 1977, End of Eternity 14 November, Death's Other Dominion 21 November,

The Sydney Morning Herald on 27 November 1977 said (of the Thursday, 1 December premiere of The Metamorph) "Space 1999 (ATN7 7:30pm) continues to go overboard on technical effects and short on good, sensible scripts. As for the acting, Barbara Bain is the best looking robot I've seen."

The following episodes were The Exiles, One Moment of Humanity, and other episodes followed in 1978, including Year 1 repeats.

Adelaide, South Australia - ADS 7

The series started at 7:30pm on Saturday 21 February 1976 and continued until 1 May 1976, ending a run of eleven episodes.

It resumed Saturday 4 December 1976 in the same 7:30pm slot. On Saturday 12 March 1977 it moved earlier to 6:30pm, until it finished on 26 March 1977.

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