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by Martin Willey

Reception Area

The Exiles

Travel Tube reception is a continuation of the corridor set. In Year 1 it is at the end of the long corridor; in Year 2 it is a side area. Both feature a reception desk (a distinctive curved design called Jarama), a communications post and two communications booths on the walls (which are never used). In Year 2 there is a drink dispenser.

Year 1 design:

The reception area is at the end of the corridor. There are two shorter corridors to either side, but as we see in Force Of Life these are dead ends.

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Year 2 design:

The reception area is opposite Command Center (see A B Chrysalis). The right side, behind the desk, is the normal camera position; when the side is shown the configuration varies but generally zig-zags in.

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There are several revamps of the Travel Tube Reception in Year 2. It was slightly modified as a private dining room in The Taybor.

Keith Wilson's set design

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