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Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Boarding Tube

Black Sun

The boarding tube is a short corridor, either 4 foot or 8 foot long, which connects the travel tube to an Eagle or other spaceship. The interior panels are identical to the airlock interior. The interior set does not resemble the extending boarding tube seen on the Launch Pad exterior.

Plans by Craig Rohloff


The travel tube single door connects to the boarding tube.

The Breakaway boarding tube has white illuminated panels, but in most episodes the panels are illuminated red. The door frame is dark grey, rather than the light grey of the travel tube or Eagle doors. There is a white louvre panel (also seen in the travel tube, and one above the Main Mission Big Screen). The illuminated panels have white or metal frames with squared corners, not the curved borders used everywhere else.

Right wall
travel tube
Left wall
Black Sun

View to the Eagle door.

Collision Course

The reverse view, to the Travel Tube door. Note the standard signage, although the horizontal panels around the door are unique.

Voyager's Return

Closer detail of the Travel Tube door.

War Games

A longer design, blown open to space.

Space Brain

The travel tube door here is a standard door with minimal signage.

Seed Of Destruction

Back to the first door with additional signage.

Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain

In Dragon's Domain, there is no travel tube- just a long Moonbase corridor (longer than the launch pad buildings on the exterior views). The "No Access" and "Count Down" signs are unique to this "Embarkation Point"

Unusually there is a standard moonbase double doors directly in front of the Eagle door.

The Testament Of Arkadia The Testament Of Arkadia

In Testament Of Arkadia, there's no door to the corridor behind.


The red atmosphere seal. Although normally it wraps over the sill over the Eagle door, it can adapt to vertical spaceships hulls.


Although the panels are normally red, in some episodes such as Breakaway and here in Dorzak, they are white. While there were two panels forming an 8-foot corridor in Year 1, there was just one 4-foot wide panel in Year 2.

The Testament Of Arkadia

Where are these lateral doors on the interior set?

Launch Area and Control Room

Space Warp

Space Warp: this is the only time an area on the launch pad is seen. Two different travel tubes ("1" and "2b") terminate at this room. It is a large, mostly empty, space, that may have been a busy reception area for flights to and from Earth before the breakaway. It is still well staffed, with 3 crew from Security, Service and Reconnaissance, waiting around without much to do. There is a Jarama desk with Sorella lamp and Pio Mazu Kartell desk container.

Space Warp Space Warp

Space Warp: the angled door marked "Eagle Four Boarding Tube". It is the same design as the internal Eagle doors, and the exterior travel tube door.

Space Warp

The door to the Control Room is opposite the two Travel Tube doors. To the left, unseen in this shot, is a coffee machine.

Space Warp

Space Warp: this is the "Control Room" overlooking the Eagle hangar is adjacent to the previous reception area. The panel behind Helena is the Convertor Main Unit panel as seen in the Main Power Unit in Earthbound (the "Do Not Open" sign is visible, but the big "Danger" sign is not). There's a Boby cart.

Space Warp

The boarding tube is above ground, and the hangar is below ground, yet we see the hangar roof from the window. The stairs are the balcony stairs from Main Mission. As we're just under the roof, where do they stairs go up to?

Space Warp

The red computer panels are normally seen in the Weapons Section, here mixed with some conventional panels, including the Essential Services hatch and a green panel that used to appear in Command Center for three early episodes. Note the Command Center desk.

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