The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Launch Pad Exteriors


22 inch Launch Pad

Launch pad type 1: low sloping sides with wide panels. Note the boarding tube has a black band along the side. The SFX model is in scale with the 22inch Eagle.

Breakaway Breakaway Matter Of Life And Death Matter Of Life And Death Matter Of Life And Death Black Sun Space Brain

Note the good views of the top of the reception building (compare to the full views of Moonbase Alpha below).

Black Sun The Full Circle
Black Sun

An unusual landing: the Eagle is parked at the far wing of the platform (note the landing lights). This is the 44 inch Eagle on the 22 inch launch pad.

44inch Launch Pad - 1

Launch pad type 2: with thinner panels on the sloping sides, in scale with 44 inch Eagle. These are unusual landings- on an "open" launch pad, with two Eagles docked together. And an Eagle landing with engines towards the docking tube (and no landing legs).

Collision Course The A B Chrysalis New Adam, New Eve The Seance Spectre The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 The Immunity Syndrome Dorzak Dorzak

44inch Launch Pad - 2

Launch pad type 3: with vertical sides, in scale with 44 inch Eagle. Yes, many shots were flopped left for right...

The Full Circle The Full Circle Earthbound Earthbound The Immunity Syndrome

Launch pad lift

The red launch platform rises and lowers the Eagle to the underground hangars. Note that the detailing inside the launch shaft only reaches a certain level, then becomes plain gray.

Voyager's Return Black Sun Black Sun

Full views of the base with a launch pad in the foreground. Apparently the entire docking building disappears or retracts.

Voyager's Return Guardian Of Piri

The launch pad in Dorzak, Seance Spectre and The Immunity Syndrome is different. The launch shaft walls are green or blue (depending on the quality of the picture) rather than gray, and have pipes, lights (or windows) and other detailing, so the elevator platform must have a gap (covered at the top by an overhang).

The Seance Spectre The Immunity Syndrome The Immunity Syndrome Dorzak

Unusual view looking up the launch shaft as covers move across (from Seance Spectre & The Dorcons). The detailing on the sides of the shaft does not match what is seen from above (there seem to be windows).

The Seance Spectre The Seance Spectre

Cross-shaped pad

The cross shaped pad appears in Brian The Brain & The A B Chrysalis; other shots show it attached to outlying research stations. Note the conventional pad seen in the shot with the transference dome.

The A B Chrysalis The Exiles New Adam, New Eve Brian The Brain Brian The Brain The Mark Of Archanon

Alien craft

The launch pad can also accommodate other Earth spaceships and alien craft.

Voyager's Return Earthbound The Last Enemy Dorzak

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