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Jarama desk

Voyager's Return

The Jarama desk was designed in 1969 by Italian designer Alberto Rosselli (1921-1976) for Saporiti in Italy. Rosselli is one of the founders of the concept of industrial design in Italy. His Jarama desk is fibreglass, 74cm x 160cm x 195cm. The matching chair and slide-in shelves were not used in the series. It can also be seen in the 1977 Dr Who story The Invisible Enemy.

A trolley designed by Rosselli for Kartell appears in Medical in War Games

The Jarama is seen in Travel Tube reception areas, with a Gaudi or Selene chair and Pio Manzu Kartell box.

The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis

In The AB Chrysalis, we see the curved centre, where the shelves can be fitted. The top shelf is normally in place as a desk top, but was removed for these scenes.

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